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The Week of High Technologies And Techno-Entrepreneurship is Held in the ChuvSU Co-Working Center "Boiling Point"

Tuesday, 17.03.20

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On the 16th of March the Week of high technologies and techno-entrepreneurship started at the Boiling Point of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU. The organizer of the week in the Chuvash Republic is the MBEI "Lyceum # 2" of Cheboksary, which received the status of a regional resource center of ROSNANO School League in the Chuvash Republic in 2019. This Week of high technologies and techno-entrepreneurship is a network event. This means that everyone can take part in it. The opening of the week was attended by students of lyceums and gymnasia of Cheboksary: Lyceum №2, Gymnasium №1, Gymnasium №5, Gymnasium №44.

Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of ROSNANO management board, welcomed the participants of the Week of high technologies and techno-entrepreneurship from the screen. The speaker of the meeting was the head of of applied physics and nanotechnology department at the faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies V. S. Abrukov, who told students about the development of nanotechnologies in Chuvashia, artificial intelligence and neural networks and held a master class on data mining "Success Model".

The University will take an active part in the Week of high technologies and techno-entrepreneurship. A number of master classes are planned for schoolchildren of 9-11 grades, which will be held by representatives of the medical faculty, the faculty of radio electronics and automation, the faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technology.


Artificial Intelligence in Medicine - the Topic of a New Lecture Delivered by the Head of the Department at Moscow State University E. V. Bryzgalina for Students of Chuvash State University

Saturday, 14.03.20


E. V. Bryzgalina, the head of education philosophy department at M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University  Lomonosov visited #ChuvSU with an open lecture in the framework of the new project "Correct Content".

E. V. Bryzgalina visits ChuvSU for the second time. For the first time we met her at the lecture organized for the participants of profile change "ChuvSU -- Googol" in November 2019. On March 12, her speech on "Artificial Intelligence in Medicine" was addressed primarily to students, postgraduates and teachers of the medical faculty , but the audience, who were far from medicine, got a lot of pleasure from the lecture. Elena Vladimirovna spoke about the main trends in the transformation of medicine as a science and a healthcare industry in the direction of 4P medicine, the focus on achieving which is inextricably linked with the use of artificial intelligence systems. Within the framework of biomedicine with the use of intelligent systems, fundamentally new opportunities arise, which simultaneously generate a range of ethical and legal problems. Who and in what way will be able to assess the image of the future in medicine, which is formed by the orientation on the use of artificial intelligence systems, explained E. V. Bryzgalina. In the evening, Elena Vladimirovna watched the concert program of the opening of the festival "Student spring" at the ChuvSU Palace of Culture.


Career Guidance Meetings in Uzbekistan

Saturday, 14.03.20

During his stay in Andijan of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the head of the International Activities  Department of  the Chuvash State University, E. L. Nikolaev and the specialist of international education department E. S. Alekseeva held a series of career-oriented meetings with students, teachers and the management of schools in the city. The priority was given to general education institutions where education is conducted in both the Uzbek and the Russian languages. Students in these schools usually have a good level of training. Meetings with the management and students of these schools gave the oportunity to give the most complete description of the Chuvash State University and the advantages of studying there. Questions of concern to future applicants related to the possibility of studying on a budget, obtaining a scholarship, living in dormitories, the cost of training, and the timing of entrance exams. Younger students also showed great interest in meeting with representatives of the University. The heads of schools № 13 and № 24 of the town of Andijan expressed interest in further development of cooperation with the University.


Open Day of the Medical Faculty: Answers to All the Questions

Saturday, 14.03.20

A rich program was prepared today by the medical faculty for future applicants, parents, teachers for the Open Day: the work of "medical stations" (acquaintance with medical specialties), a tour of classrooms, a visit to the Anatomical Museum, the center for accreditation and simulation training, demonstration of videos, presentation and the concert program "Medical Faculty As Viewed By the Students"...

In the official part of the ChuvSU rector A. Yu. Alexandrov, acting Minister of health of the Chuvash Republic V. G. Stepanov, the Dean of the medical faculty V. N. Diomidova, the head of the HR Department at the Ministry of Public Health of Chuvashia N. V. Kondratieva, Executive Secretary of the selection Committee of the faculty S. V. Lezhenina. The guests had the opportunity to find answers to all their questions. They also listened to a popular science lecture by associate professor of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and biochemistry department V. Y. Yemelyanov "What do we eat?" as part of the "University Saturdays " project.

Oleg Nikolaev Will Help Students with Employment

Friday, 13.03.20

On March 12, the acting Head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev in the walls of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University met with the youth of the Republic.

The conversation with the first person of the region was attended by representatives of the youth personnel reserve under the Head of the Chuvash Republic, the Youth government of the Republic and its capital, students of various universities - authors of implemented and ready-to-implement social projects.

The main issue for discussion was admission of young people to the state civil service. After all, according to the monitoring of the personnel situation over the past 5 years, the number of young professionals (up to 30 years) in the civil service in the Chuvash Republic has decreased from 30 % to 23 % of the total number of employees.

Oleg Nikolaev said that these statistics need to be corrected. Young people who take an active life position should work in the civil service.

"We are interested in actively involving young people in the management process of the region. We are especially looking forward to see young people in the structures of executive authorities. And I am even ready to sign a Decree right now, where I offer to launch Career Days for young people in the state authorities of the Chuvash Republic", - the acting Head of Chuvashia said.

In accordance with the Decree, starting from April 2020, Career Days in the public administration system will be held in Chuvashia. The main goal of Career Days is to tell young people about the career opportunities that the government of the Republic offers to creative and ambitious young people today. Students will be offered to study the work of civil servants from the inside. In addition, young people will be able to participate in the work of public councils and other coordinating and advisory bodies.

Oleg Nikolaev called on the most active and initiative people to take part in the Career Days.

"You will learn about many career opportunities that exist in Chuvashia. This is a step towards new opportunities. And we will try to build a completely new model of regional governance, a new state policy that will give good results. Let's develop best practices in this area," he suggested.

Young people supported the idea with applause. The decree of the Head of the Chuvash Republic "On additional measures aimed at attracting young people to work in the public administration system" was signed at the end of the meeting.

Immediately after that, Oleg Nikolaev took part in the opening of the festival "Student Spring – 2020", which was held at ChuvSU Palace of culture.

Lessons of Courage in the Museum of Military and Labor Glory of the Chuvash State University

Tuesday, 10.03.20

4th-year students of the faculty of Economics together with senior teacher I. A. Vasilyeva visited the Museum of military and labor glory of the Chuvash State University. The head of the Museum O. N. Galosheva conducted an engaging tour of the military past of our state from the Ice battle and the battle of Kulikovo to the battles of modern history. Olga Nikolaevna spoke in detail about the exploits of the University employees - veterans of the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945. Crucibles of the wartime period were passed by ChuvSU first rector, Professor S. F.  Saikin, vice-rector for academic affairs, Professor A. K. Arakelyan and vice-rector for science Professor S. A. Abrukov. During the evolvement of the Chuvash State University, there were about 200 participants of the Great Patriotic war among its teachers and employees. Among them there were military infantrymen and tankers, gunners and signalmen, pilots and sailors, military medics and mechanics. They became direct participants in the most destructive and bloody battles of the twentieth century. Students also remembered the heroes - natives of Chuvashia, who performed their military duty to eliminate armed conflicts with dignity.

The fates of wartime people left deep wounds in the heart of every human being. Our people performed a feat and showed courage, survived the most severe war and won!

A Teacher from Hong Kong Gave an Interactive Lesson in English at the Chuvash State University

Saturday, 07.03.20

At the faculty of foreign languages, students met with a teacher from Hong Kong, Svetlana Chigaeva-Heddad. Svetlana Heddad is a research consultant at the Institute of technical and higher education (Hong Kong). She was born in the Chuvash Republic, got education here, and has been working in Hong Kong for 20 years. He is engaged in research in the field of applied linguistics and bilingualism, develops materials for seminars and research, and is the author of numerous articles devoted to teaching English.

During her lecture on Hong Kong, the teacher conducted a survey and found out what knowledge students had about one of the leading financial centers in Asia and the world, what they wanted to do in the future, and how they felt about their studies. Svetlana Heddad spoke in detail about universities in Hong Kong.

The lecture was delivered in English. This interactive lecture is very useful for students, as it teaches them to perceive and understand English. The meeting was held in a relaxed atmosphere, the young people learned a lot of interesting things, received answers to questions.

A Meeting with the Winners of the European Cup in Freestyle

Thursday, 05.03.20

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Today, the acting Minister of physical culture and sports of the Chuvash Republic Vasily Petrov met with the leading freestyle skiers of Chuvashia - members of the Russian national team, students of the Chuvash State University Lana Prusakova, Dmitry Mulendeev and their personal coach, senior coach of the Russian national team in new school freestyle disciplines Nikita Vasiliev.

The meeting was also attended by Valery Vasiliev, the head of the Chuvash Republic ski and freestyle federation, and Igor Golovin, Deputy Minister.

The athletes returned some days ago with a victory from the Big Air European Cup. Competitions of the continent's best freestyle skiers were held in the Polish ski resort Kotelnitsa. The Russian team under the leadership of our countryman, a graduate of the Chuvash freestyle school Nikita Vasiliev, showed brilliant results there. Among women, the first two places were taken by Russians: Lana Prusakova won the first place, Ksenia Orlova from the Krasnodar region became the second. Among men the best was Mulendeev Dmitry from Cheboksary. Representative of  Krasnoyarsk region Dmitry Makarov, who won the European "gold" a week earlier, this time became the 11th.

"I congratulate you both on this achievement. We are proud that our athletes achieve such high results. We will support you and create conditions for training. We expect to see you as part of the national Olympic team at the next winter Olympic games, which will be held in two years in Beijing," said Vasily Petrov.

The head coach of the Russian national team Nikita Vasiliev said that athletes would have to go through a tough selection process to win a personalized Olympic license. A year and a half before the Olympics, they will have to take part and show high scores at international competitions. According to the eight best results, the best 24 women and 30 men from all over the world will be allowed to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The first starts begin in June of this year.

Based on the website of the Ministry of physical culture and sports of the Chuvash Republic

About the Most Urgent

Tuesday, 03.03.20

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Meetings of the rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Alexandrov with first-year students of the medical faculty continue. Today, future doctors had the opportunity to get firsthand information about the multifaceted activities of the University staff and find answers to the most pressing questions of student life. The heads of student public organizations and structural divisions of the University encouraged first-year students to actively express themselves in their studies, research, social, sports and cultural life.

Tomorrow, the rector A. Yu. Alexandrov will meet with future children's doctors and students of the specialty "General Medicine".

V Rural Tournament of Chuvashia's Young Mathematicians: Starting a Career for Future Digital Engineers

Saturday, 29.02.20

On February, 28, the second round of Chuvashia was held for schoolchildren of grades 5-11 at Trakovskaya General Secondary School. The tournament is organized by I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University with the support of the Ministry of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic.

The first round of the anniversary tournament set a record in the number of participants – more than 500 schoolchildren took part in mathematical competitions. The second round was attended by 480 schoolchildren from schools in Alikovsky, Batyrevsky, Krasnoarmeysky, Morgaushsky, Urmarsky, Tsivilsky, and Shemurshinsky districts of the Chuvash Republic. The Deputy head of the administration of the Krasnoarmeysky district - the head of the Department of education S. A.  Grigorieva and the Director of MBEI "Trakovskaya SOSh" I. A. Fedorova addressed the audience with a welcome speech.

In the second round, participants competed in the mathematical biathlon and team Olympiad. Performing the tasks of the tournament, the guys worked in a team, developed skills for solving non-standard tasks, showed miracles of ingenuity and demonstrated logical thinking. A seminar was organized for teachers-mentors, and eleventh-graders took part in the University's career guidance project.

The jury of the tournament consisting of an associate Professor of higher mathematics and theoretical mechanics department named after  S. F. Saikin S. A. Yardukhnina, senior lecturer in actuarial and financial mathematics M. V. Vasilkova, senior lecturer at the Department of higher mathematics and theoretical mechanics named after S. F. Saikin L. A. Yakovleva, senior lecturer at the discrete mathematics and computer science department T. G. Oreshkina, senior lecturer at the Department of applied physics and nanotechnology O. V. Vasilyeva, determined the winners and prize-winners, among whom there were 30 teams of schoolchildren of 5 – 11 grades.

On the same day, in the evening, the Assembly hall of MBEI "Trakovskaya SOSh" hosted a Solemn closing of the V Republican "Rural Tournament of Chuvashia's Young Mathematicians", in which 980 students took part. All participants of the tournament were congratulated on completing the Olympiad by the head of the  Krasnoarmeysky district administration A. N. Kuznetsov. Alexander Nikolayevich presented letters of appreciation for assistance in the development of intellectual and creative abilities of pupils of schools of Krasnoarmeisky district to Andrey Yurievich Aleksandrov, the rector of the "I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University" for facilitating the development of mathematical abilities of students, disclosure of their creative potential – Daria Anatolievna Troeshestova, the Chairman of the contest jury, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, the head of discrete mathematics and computer science department , the head of the center for work with gifted youth and Alexey Konstantinovich Yardukhin, andidate of physical and mathematical sciences, the head of ChuvSU laboratory for theory and technology of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science.

Open Doors to Student Life: the Chuvash State University Invited Future Applicants

Saturday, 29.02.20

Traditionally, the program of the Open Doors Day, which was held on February, 29 at the Chuvash State University, was rich in various events. In just half a day, schoolchildren were able to participate in quests, win prizes in competitions, visit faculties, communicate with teachers and students, get acquainted with the exhibition of educational programs, get important information about the University and about the rules of admission in 2020, and enjoy the best concert performances of students at the Palace of culture. That day, the University provided school-leavers with a unique opportunity to write a test exam in Russian for free. However, in the coming days, rehearsal exams in other subjects will be organized as well: in mathematics, chemistry, history- on March, 1; in physics, social science, biology - on March, 7, followed by analysis of works and typical errors.

All-Russian Open Campaign Tolles Diktat-2020

Wednesday, 26.02.20

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At the faculty of foreign languages, dictation in German was written by schoolchildren of Cheboksary Lyceum #2, gymnasium #4, and school #6. the students of the University. A welcoming speech was adressed to the participants of the event by the Dean M. V. Emelyanova.

The text of the dictation was read by ChuvSU German language teachers Yu. Yu. Klykova and S. Yu. Novikova. For each age category, the volume and the language level of the text met the requirements of the German language program for 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11 grades.

The All-Russian open campaign "Tolles Diktat-2019" (Open dictation in German) is held for the eighth time on the initiative of public organizations and is traditionally timed to UNESCO Day of the native language. The purpose of dictation is to popularize the German language and develop the culture of literate writing.

The event was organized by the Association of public associations "international Union of the German culture" with the support of the Ministry of science and higher education of Russia.

All-Russian Forum-Workshop " Victory Volunteers»

Wednesday, 26.02.20

From the 23rd to the 27th of February Bryansk hosts the All-Russian forum-workshop "Victory Volunteers". 185 representatives from different regions of the country take part in it. The seminar is attended by a representative of the Public center for civil and patriotic education of student youth "Victory Volunteers" of the Chuvash State University, Yana Pavlova, a 1st – year student of  chemistry and pharmacy faculty. 

Heads of public centers at educational institutions and representatives of the Federal team "Victory Volunteers" discuss issues of getting ready to celebrate the anniversary. Within the framework of the project "Dialogue on Equal Terms", the head of the" Victory Volunteers " movement, Olga Amelchenkova, answered questions from activists, professional historians and Federal coaches. The forum participants also discussed the development of school volunteerism, interaction with veterans, and prospects for volunteering in the country. "Registration statistics on the site show that about 50% of users are young people under 18 years.  Schoolchildren's interest in our movement is growing. That is why today there were many questions about the organization of school volunteering. We also talked about new projects of Victory volunteers and actualized information from the regions of our country", – said Olga Amelchenkova.

The Results of the International Campaign "Test on the History of the Fatherland»

Tuesday, 25.02.20

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On the 13th of December 2019 in the framework of the international project "The Big History" the "Test on the History of the Fatherland" was held, which was also attended by deputies of the State Council of the Chuvash Republic.

The event was organized by the Youth Parliament under the State Duma and youth parliaments created under the legislative (representative) authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

This year, the educational event was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 and it was held for the purpose of historical education, patriotic education of the Russian citizens and compatriots living abroad.

In total, more than 10,000 sites were registered for the campaign in the territory of the Russian Federation. 54 sites were organized abroad. 817,250 people took part in the testing. The average score was 20.60 points out of 40 possible ones.

In the Chuvash Republic, 4,572 people took part in the action. The average score for the Republic was 22.05 points, the average age was 17 years.

Today, the VIII Regional Championship "Young Professionals"(Worldskills Russia) Will Open in Cheboksary

Tuesday, 25.02.20

Today I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Palace of culture will host the opening ceremony of the Open regional championship "Young professionals".

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During a week, its participants will compete in 63 competencies on 18 sites, which will be developed on the basis of professional educational organizations of the Republic.

In total, more than 400 young specialists from Chuvashia, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Tula regions, the Republic of Tatarstan and St. Petersburg will take part in the competition.

They will compete in 2age categories: "16-22", "16 years and younger".

For the first time in the Republic, the framework of the championship will include the "Skills of the wise" competition using the "Worldskills Russia" method. 25 professionals of the "50+"age group will take part in them.

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