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News of the University

Congratulations to the Winners of the «Youth of the Big Volga»

Monday, 29.06.20

The results of the XXII Interregional conference-festival of students scientific creativity "Youth of the Big Volga 2020" were summed up. This year "Youth of the Big Volga" was held in correspondence format, submitted papers were evaluated by 168 experts from various higher educational institutions and secondary specialized educational institutions.

50 students of the Chuvash State University became laureates of the "Youth of the Big Volga".

Direction 1.

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Section: 01.01.00 Mathematics

Denis A. Andreev

Direction 2.

Chemical Sciences

Konnova Ksenia A.

Direction 3.

Biological Sciences

Section: 03.01.00 Physical and Chemical Biology

Sergey A.Blinov

Direction 4.

Technical Sciences

Section: 05.09.00 Electrical Engineering

Darya D. Donskaya,

Nikolay B. Shchiptsov

  Section: 05.11.00 Instrumentation, Metrology and Information and Measuring Devices and Systems

Section: 05.12.00 Radio Engineering and Communications

Olga S. Vasilieva, 

Dmitry O. Migushov, 

Alexey Yu. Toloknov


Section: 05.13.00 Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Management

Section: 05.17.00 Chemical Technologies

Sergey V. Kuzmin

Section: 05.26.00 Safety of Human Activities

Anastasia S. Pitirimova

Section: 05.27.00 Electronics

Vitaly V. Mikhailov, 

Kirill A. Sidorov


Section: 10.02.00 Linguistics

"The English language" subsection

Anna V. Timofeeva

 Direction 8.

Philosophical Sciences

Anna A. Timofeeva

Direction 10.

Socio-Economic and Social Sciences

Section: 08.00.00 Economics

Lyssova Sofya V.,

Yuliya Yu. Burmistrova, 

Tatyana R. Efremova, 

Anastasia A. Lyavina,

Irina A. Timofeeva


Section: 12.00.00 Legal Sciences

Anastasia A. Anisimova

Section: 22.00.00 Sociological Sciences

Kornilov Darya D.

Section: 23.00.00 Political Sciences 

Maxim S. Kazimirov

Direction 11.

Medical Sciences

Section: 14.01.00 Clinical Medicine

Tatyana S. Nikolaeva,

Rybakov Sergey V.,

Bashmakova Irina N.,

Anna Yu. Kuzmina,

Yulia V. Semyonova,

Melnikova Maria A.,

Lev V. Yegorov

Section: 14.02.00 Preventive Medicine

Anastasia N.Leontieva,

Alyona A. Blinova,

Alexander G. Maximov,

Tatyana A. Sergeeva,

Maria A. Zheludkina,

Anastasiya O. Tisova

Section: 14.03.00 Medical and Biological Sciences

Elena A. Solenova,

Olga M. Konovalova

Section: 14.04.00 Pharmaceutical Sciences

Anastasia Yu. Efimova,

Alina V. Portnova,

Snezhana V. Filipova,

Elizaveta V. Efimova


Direction 12.

Earth Sciences

Lev F. Atlashkin

Additional sections

Section: 75 years of the Great Victory

Varvara E. Fedorova

Section: Journalism

Elena S. Derzhavina,

Lyudmila S. Gavrilova,

Pavel V. Grigoriev


Section: Ecology and Nature Management

Section: Quality and Development of Services in Chuvashia

Anastasia A. Afanasieva,

Evgenia A. Matyukova

Section: Advertising and Design

Arkady I.Sergeyev  

Graduates of the Chuvash State University Were Awarded with Medals of the Russian Academy of Sciences with Bonus Payments

Friday, 26.06.20

In the photo from left to right: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, head of the laboratory of peroxide compounds and materials based on them P. V. Prikhodchenko (head), Doctor of Chemical Sciences D. A. Grishanov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences A. A. Mikhailov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences A. G. Medvedev.

Congratulations to the graduates of the chemical and pharmaceutical faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University - Candidate of Chemical Sciences Alexander G. Medvedev, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Alexey A. Mikhailov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Dmitry A. Grishanov (laboratory of peroxide compounds and materials based on them at N. S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences)   with being awarded with medals of the Russian Academy of Sciences with bonus payments for young scientists of Russia in the field of physical chemistry and technology of inorganic materials for the work "Peroxocomplexes of p-elements - promising compounds for producing electrode materials in new generation current sources".

ChuvSU Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov Joined the Board of Trustees of the Center for Gifted Children and Youth «Etker»

Tuesday, 23.06.20

Heritage - this is how the name of the center for gifted children and youth "Etker"is translated. It opened its doors after reconstruction.

The center was established in 2019 based on the results of a competitive selection of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Chuvashia became 1 of 16 regions where an educational platform for children and youth appeared, it was based on the model of "Sirius" educational center. The main task of the center is to find gifted children of Chuvashia, to reveal and support their talents.

On June 22, the first meeting of the Board of Trustees of "Etker" center was held. The rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov. He visited new educational sites with a tour. We asked Andrey Yuryevich about the plans for cooperation with "Etker" Center.

"This center is being created within the framework of the Federal project "Success of Every Child" of the national project "Education". This is a new structure not only for Chuvashia, but for other regions of Russia as well.It is aimed at supporting the development of talents and professional orientation of children and youth. I am sure that the project will be successful if the best representatives of school and University education system and leading specialists of high-tech enterprises are closely integrated. The significance of the project is clearly evidenced by the fact that the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the center became the acting head of the Chuvash Republic O. A. Nikolaev, and among its members are the heads of leading universities, ministers of the Chuvash Republic, entrepreneurs.

The Chuvash State University, having a rich experience in revealing and supporting gifted children, including the practice of interacting with "Sirius" center, will support this initiative and do everything possible for the successful development of this project", said the rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov.


"Etker" center is located in a building that previously belonged to the Trans-regional Resource Centre -Cheboksary Electro-Mechanical College of the Ministry of Education of Chuvashia. It will be able to accept 150 children of grades 5-11 from any municipality of the Republic per session. "Etker" center includes a campus, academic and laboratory buildings, and a sports ground. It is planned that the children will not only study, but also live here. For this purpose, 212 places in the hostel will be prepared by the beginning of the new academic year.

"Etker" will implement intense specialized short-term programs. Children will be helped to acquire leadership skills, as well as learn how to manage their projects. The work will be based on such key areas as science, art and sports. Moreover, enrollment of students will be carried out only on a competitive basis.

The Delegation of the Chuvash State University Laid Flowers to the Eternal Flame

Monday, 22.06.20

220620 88

On June 22, the Day of memory and sorrow, the delegation of the Chuvash State University laid flowers at the Eternal flame in the Victory memorial complex in Cheboksary. The participants of the ceremony listened to the speech made by the Deputy of the State Council of the Chuvash Republic, the Rector of the University A. Yu. Alexksandrov. Andrey Yuryevich emphasized the importance of remembering the lessons of the Great Patriotic war, educating young people on the heroic examples of the country's history. The participants of the ceremony observed the minute of silence to honor the memory of those who perished in the battles for their Homeland.

Oleg Nikolaev Took Part in Honoring the 100 Best Graduates of the Chuvash State University

Monday, 22.06.20

220620 66

On the 22nd of June the acting head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev took part in the ceremony of honoring the 100 best ChuvSU graduates in the video-conference mode.

The top 100 includes graduates who are successful in research, social work, distinguished by cultural, creative and sporting achievements.

Oleg Nikolaev thanked them for their perseverance and aspiration shown in their studies, as well as their active participation in the social life of the region. He stressed that all possible measures are being taken at the country and Republic level to support young professionals.

«The President of country Vladimir Putin notes the importance of developing mentoring. Your energy of youth, new knowledge, desire to quickly and efficiently change the lives and experience of wise people who can guide you – this is an important and necessary union. We, in turn, do everything to make you comfortable on your life path, support you and your good initiatives. We are waiting for you in the authorities and in various spheres to jointly change the quality of people's lives for the better", the acting head of the Republic said.

The Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alena Arshinova and the Rector of ChuvSU named after I. N. Ulianov Andrey Aleksandrov also addressed the graduates with kind words of parting words .

Graduates of the Chuvash State University Have Prepared a Book-Album "Chuvashia Ancient and Forever Young"

Thursday, 18.06.20

180620 4 copy

On the 16th of June the Chuvash National Museum hosted a presentation of the book-album "Chuvashia Ancient and Forever Young", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Chuvash autonomy; the event was attended by the acting head of the Chuvash Republic Oleg Nikolaev.

In a popular science form the book tells about the prerequisites for creating the statehood of the Chuvash people and the main milestones and events of the past hundred years of the Chuvash history. The publication is provided with a large number of photos, including rare ones. Copies of newspapers and archival documents are particularly attractive. The latter are placed in special envelopes and give the reader a full sense of involvement in the events of the past, when he can literally touch the history. QR codes placed on the pages of the book make it possible to expand its information space: watch films dedicated to the 10th, 30th, 50th, and 90th anniversary of the Chuvash statehood.

The project manager, General Director of the Chuvash publishing house Svetlana Kalikova noted that the published edition is the brainchild of many people. Republican newspapers, TV and radio companies, and state institutions provided assistance in collecting the material. Photos of Alexander Agateev were used in the edition.

The authors of the book are scientists-historians of the leading scientific and educational institutions of the Republic: Eugeniy Kasimov (Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I. Ya. Yakovlev), Sergey Kodybaykin (I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University), Fedor Kozlov (State Historical Archive of the Chuvash Republic). All authors are graduates of the history department of our University. They shared the features of working on the book, noted some peculiarities in the development of the Chuvash Republic.

Oleg Nikolaev expressed gratitude to the project manager and the author's team and awarded them with jubilee medals "100th anniversary of the Chuvash Autonomous region formation". "This is not just a beautiful book and a source of information, it is memory and an opportunity to touch the rich and diverse past of the Chuvash nation", he said.

Andrey Alexandrov: Investing in Sports is the Key to the Health of the Younger Generation

Tuesday, 16.06.20


A Deputy of the State Council of Chuvashia, the Rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Andrey Yuryevich Aleksandrov visited Cheboksary school No. 2.

The school is undergoing a major renovation of the sports hall, which will be equipped to hold sambo classes. The institution was included in the Federal program "Sambo to school", and two specialized classes of boys and girls are engaged in this type of martial arts in addition to physical education lessons. The school principal Marina Mikhaleva introduced the deputy to the planned premises - in addition to a modern hall, there will be shower rooms and dressing rooms.

Talking to the director and a coach, the parliamentarian noted that investments in sports are the best investments in the health and activity of schoolchildren, and wished them successful implementation of the project. Members of the school staff who continue to work during the pandemic, A. Yu.  Aleksandrov handed over disinfectants, medical masks, and gloves.


12 Opportunities of the National Project "Science»

Friday, 12.06.20

Ensuring our country's being among the top five countries in the world in the field of research and development is one of the key goals of the national project "Science". To achieve this, participation of every Russian citizen is important – from students to scientists, from beginning entrepreneurs to successful businessmen. Today, on Russia Day, together with the ANO "National Priorities", we have prepared a list of 12 opportunities that the national project gives to those who care about the future of Russia.


1. Continue postgraduate education

This could have been done before, but the national project helps those who want to connect their life with science. For example, since last year, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research has been holding a competition for the best projects carried out by postgraduate students. According to the results of the competition, more than a thousand applications receive grant support for the projects. The grant amount is 1,200,000 rubles for one postgraduate student.

2. To go to another country for internship 

There is a growing number of universities offering students and postgraduates the opportunity to train abroad. Part of the costs is covered by the educational institution. Internship programs help to exchange experience with other countries and improve professional training.


3. Defend your thesis

In 2018, 12% out of 47 thousand postgraduates reached the defense of their dissertation. Now students have a new incentive to immerse themselves in science: the defense of a dissertation has once again become a mandatory procedure.

4. Win a grant

Young researchers from different regions can participate in the megagrants program and receive up to 90 million rubles for research.

5. Head the laboratory

The national project places a special emphasis on young people in the staff. Scientific laboratories are being opened in the country, which are headed by young researchers (younger than 35 years old). By 2021, there will be more than 150 laboratories of this kind.

6. Work with advanced equipment

Leading organizations that perform research and developments receive grants for updating the instrument base. By 2024, at least half of the equipment will meet the latest requirements.

7. To engage in scientific entrepreneurship in the REC

Those who want to simultaneously create products for the market and to apply advanced knowledge of science to the benefit of life can work in Research and Educational Centers. RECs create conditions in the regions for the development of technical entrepreneurship and high-tech business. Nizhny Novgorod region is already working on creating new mechanisms to support innovative projects. For example, the possibility of creating a specialized venture fund within the framework of the scientific and educational center is being considered. Last year, RECs were launched in 5 pilot regions. A total of 15 such centers will be created by 2024.

8. Improve your skills

A breakthrough industry needs talented people. Competence development centers (CRCs) are being opened on the basis of RECs. They train management personnel in science, conduct seminars, courses and trainings for researchers.

9. To work in the real sector of the economy

The goal of the national project "Science" is to integrate scientific breakthroughs and business as much as possible. Now, working on another project, you can not be afraid that it will be sent to the archive.

10. Invest in science

Research can be supported through the platform of the National Technical Initiative (NTI), which unites universities, research centers and innovative enterprises to create end-to-end technologies that will be in demand in new global markets in 15-20 years.

11. Engage in agriculture

Agriculture is a very important trend in science. By the end of 2021, there will be 35 breeding and seed breeding centers in Russia. One of them is Belgorod REC "Innovative Solutions in Agriculture" - is already engaged in research in the field of agronomy.

12. Go explore the world's ocean

Ocean research is one of the priorities of the national project "Science". By 2024, 238 sea expeditions will be conducted.



Congratulations from the Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov with Russia Day

Thursday, 11.06.20

110620 6

Dear teachers, staff, students, postgraduates and residents of Chuvash State University!  Please accept our most sincere congratulations on the state holiday - Russia Day!

Russia is a country with a long history, unique natural and spiritual wealth, and a vast territory where representatives of different cultures and religions live in harmony. The heroic past and the strength of the people's spirit give us the sense of confidence in the future, give us strength to conquer new heights, implement good ideas and thoughts.

Let love and devotion to our Motherland remain forever in the soul of each of us. Only through joint efforts will we be able to preserve and increase the achievements of our ancestors, using them for the benefit of people and our state.

Please accept our sincere wishes of good health, happiness, peace and prosperity to you and your loved ones!


the Rector of Chuvash State University

named after I. N. Ulianov».


Called to Order

Monday, 08.06.20

080620 1

Members of the service squad are working on beautification the buildings of the University. In May, a service team started working at the University. It is organized in the framework of the project "ChuvSU Students' Labor Market".

A 4th year student of history and geography faculty  Alexandra Molochkova in the morning plants flowers in the courtyard of building "G". "When I found out that the Student Council was recruiting people for the service team, I immediately sent a request. I have experience working in the "Pegasus" service team, I have been a member of it since my first year of study. We worked in children's health camps in Kabardinka. This year, due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the third working semester outside the Republic is in question. So I am very happy that our University has organized a student labor market and gives us the opportunity to earn some money", the girl shares.

At the moment, the members of the detachment are involved in beautification of the territory in the courtyard of building "G". The young people plant flower seedlings, water the flower beds, hoe up weeds, in general, induce beauty. "I love to work with flowers, my grandmother organized a real jungle in our apartment, and I am happy to help her replant plants. When in the official group of ChuvSU I saw the call to join the detachment, I did not hesitate and sent a request. I'm tired of sitting at home in self-isolation, and here we work in the fresh air. Young men perform hard physical work - bring and scatter peat, carry away and throw away weeds, etc. This work does not interfere with the studies at all, since we are engaged remotely and we can make a convenient schedule. Sometimes I listen to lectures right during weeding",  says Ivan Maletin, a first-year student of chemistry and pharmacy faculty.

The building-service supervisor of building " G " A. A. Turkhan is happy with her assistants: "Very good guys, they respond to all our requests at once. Employees of the administrative and economic part, of course, take care of the flowerbeds in the yard, but now we are happy to have extra hands to decorate the territory. In the near future, the unit's members will move inside the building to prepare it for the new academic year."

the Chairman of the Student Council O. A. Semyonova comments: "Through the student labor market, we have selected work for about fifty students. They are involved as SMM specialists, graphic designers, photo and videographers. A service team is also working on the improvement of educational buildings and territories around them. Now we are recruiting young people for construction teams. The fact is that this year our students won a ticket to two All-Russian construction sites, but due to the spread of COVID-19, they can't go there yet. Therefore, we offer construction workers to work at their home University. Since June 1, construction teams have started to participate in repair work in the buildings of their native University."


Oleg Nikolaev Welcomed the Participants of The International Scientific Conference Dedicated to the Development of Chuvash Statehood

Friday, 05.06.20

On June 5, the international scientific conference "Development of Chuvash Statehood in the Conditions of Russian Federalism: Past, Present, Future" was held. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the conference was held remotely at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.

The head of the region welcomed all participants of the conference, including professors, researchers, doctors and candidates of science from Japan, the USA, Austria and Russia. "On the eve of the main state holiday of our country — Day of Russia, as well as the main state holiday of Chuvashia – the Republic Day we organize a scientific-practical conference, devoted to the development of statehood and discuss important issues about the present and future of our Fatherland. This holiday will always be a symbol of national unity and our shared responsibility for the present and future of the country. Thanks to the political will and authority of President Vladimir V. Putin, Russia is successfully developing as a legal democratic state, and together with it - the regions of the country," -said the acting Head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev.

The Rector of the Chuvash State University Andrey Aleksandrov noted that it is necessary to study in depth the important topic for Chuvashia – Sursky and Kazan defensive lines. He assured that the largest University in Chuvashia will actively join this process.

To remind, 2021 was declared in Chuvashia as the Year dedicated to the labor feat of the builders of Sursky and Kazan defensive lines.

"I am grateful to you for your readiness to work together and cooperate. I am sure that the close interaction of the authorities, representatives of the scientific and educational sphere, public figures and just not indifferent residents of the Republic will allow us to achieve a lot", the acting Head of the Republic summed up.


International Students Celebrated Africa Day

Wednesday, 03.06.20


This holiday is also called the day of African freedom and it is devoted to the anniversary of establishing the African unity (Organization of African Unity), created by 30 African leaders in Addis Ababa in 1963. By decision of the UN, the 25th of May is declared the day of Africa liberation and is celebrated on the initiative of UNESCO.

International students who came from Africa decided to celebrate this day together. In the Zoom program, a video conference was held, where students told what their native continent means to them.

"I am proud to be from Africa, for me it is more than a place of birth and a place of residence. Africa is my pride, my beloved homeland", says Rita Muhongo, a representative of Angola in the Council of foreign students.

The young people also noted that Africa is unique for its rich nature. The history, culture and traditions of this continent are so diverse that everyone will find interest here:  beaches, numerous nature reserves, original tribes or deserts.

Yu. Aleksandrov Visited the Research and Production Complex "ELARA"

Wednesday, 03.06.20

030620 55

As part of the Republican measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection the Deputy of the State Council of Chuvashia, the Rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, Andrey Yuryevich Aleksandrov visited the JSC "Scientific and Production Complex "ELARA" named after G. A. . Ilenko". The working group consisting of representatives of the of Moskovsky district administration  of Cheboksary, the Department of Rospotrebnadzor got acquainted with measures to prevent infection, including observing the distance at the checkpoint, contactless thermometry, treating hands with antiseptics, providing with individual protective equipment, and disinfecting of premises. "ELARA" is one of the strategic system-forming enterprises, which maintains a strong position in the market of civil products. Every day, several thousand employees come to the enterprise to perform professional tasks, that is why preventive conditions are of great importance in current economic situation.

During the off-site meeting, issues related to the activities of shopping facilities, hairdressers in the district, identified violations in their work, disinfection of public spaces, as well as measures taken to restrict visits to cemeteries during the Orthodox holiday of the Holy Trinity were considered. The head of the information group of the Moskovsky district of Cheboksary, a Deputy A. Yu Aleksandrov noted that in order to preserve the health of citizens, preventive measures should be continued in full in accordance with the necessary requirements.


On the Roof of Your University

Monday, 01.06.20

The University, in collaboration with ChuvSU Palace of Culture and student associations, has launched a new online project "Among the Roofs".

"Among the Roofs" is the first student evening talk show of ChuvSU. All the most interesting things in a non-boring form: categories from the sphere of music, sports, art, and the guests of the show will talk about their "successful success" and share their experience

The first broadcast from the roofs of the University was held on May 29, the program's guests were members of the Club of the Funny and Inventive Nikolay Filippov and Alexandra Golubeva, graduates of the University, the couple that met within the walls of Alma mater, hosts Anna Golitsyna and Dmitry Veresov, a student labor group member, Yuri Ermolaev. Outdoor gymnastics was conducted by Lana Prusakova, and finally - live music performed by VIA "On the drum".

"Among the Roofs" will be held live on Fridays at 19.00, the recording can be viewed in the official groups of ChuvSU and ChuvSU Palace of Culture in Vkontakte.

A Draft Concept for the Development of the University's Scientific Library Was Presented at the Meeting of the Rector's Office

Monday, 01.06.20

On June 1, at the regular meeting of the Chuvash State University rectorate, the Director of the Scientific Library N. D. Nikitina presented a draft concept for the development of the University's Scientific Library for 2021-2023.

The library of the new formation will be designed to function using both traditional and modern digital library technologies.

Last year, building 3, where the library is located, underwent major repairs. Now the staff of the structural division faces a new challenge - modernization of the Scientific Library's space. To do this, it is necessary to create a comfortable environment for independent research and educational activities, intellectual communication and knowledge exchange; by repairing the interiors of the library premises, creating mobile space-transformers and organizing zones for communication, group and individual work, and holding mass events.

Implementation of the program for the development of the Scientific Library, which will be developed on the basis of the Concept, will make it possible to get a new generation library – an important link in the unified information space not only of the University, but of the capital of our Republic as well.

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