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University Lecturers Master New Digital Educational Technologies

Friday, 06.12.19

Today the Rector of our University A. Yu. Aleksandrov met with students and teachers of the advanced training course "Digital Tools in Mixed Learning". Andrey Yurievich in his speech noted the relevance of the program of professional development for University teachers, stressed the need for active implementation of modern e-learning technologies based on new didactic opportunities in the educational process. Digital learning tools enable to give and check assignments remotely, share course materials, help to learn more effectively, interest and motivate the student to develop new competencies that are in demand in the labor market.

35 teachers of the University passed advanced training on the topic "Digital Tools in Mixed Learning". Classes were conducted by teachers of Togliatti State University Evgenia Koss and Tatiana Anisiforova.

Getting Acquainted with the Chinese Culture

Monday, 02.12.19

The Day of Chinese culture was held in the Chinese information resource center of the National library of the Chuvash Republic on November, 30. The Chinese language teacher Liu Qianqian and undergraduate students of ChuvSU historical and geographical faculty Yuan Yuan and Liu Kaidi held a master class on calligraphy and Chinese tea ceremony.

Let us briefly inform about these rituals.

The Chinese tea ceremony - Gongfu-Cha or, as it is often called in China, Kung Fu tea, is one of numerous historically developed Chinese traditions, originated several thousand years ago in ancient China. Gaiwan - traditional Chinese tea utensils present a particluar interest as it is a model of the world, where the saucer symbolizes the basis (earth), the cover symbolizes protection (sky), and the cup itself represents a person standing confidently on the ground protected by the sky.

Chinese calligraphy, dating back five thousand years, has always reflected the spiritual state of the Chinese society. To master Chinese writing it is necessary to learn 5000 characters, the combination of which gives about 20,000 words. The number of Chinese characters in the famous Kangxi Dictionary (康熙字典 Zìdiǎn, which was considered a standard guide throughout the 18th and 19th centuries and was compiled by the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing dynasty) is about 47,035. Although it is fair to say that most of the characters in the dictionary are archaic.

There are four main groups of hieroglyphs:

Pictograms- signs which in a schematic form show an object or a phenomenon and are an original variety of writing.

Ideograms are closely related to pictograms, but unlike them can mean an idea.

Ideophonograms - consist of two elements, one of which conveys the meaning of the word "key", while the second indicates its sound "phonetic".

Borrowed hieroglyphs  are hieroglyphs those having an independent meaning and are also used to write other words.


International Student Forum

Monday, 02.12.19

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Representatives of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU took part in the All-Russian International Student Forum "Russian Student 2019".

On the first day of the forum there was a panel discussion on "The Russian Nation: search for a national idea", where Advisor to the head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs A. B. Ilchenko, the Chairman of the "All-Russian Interethnic Youth Union" K. I. Khurtaev, the expert of the Council on interethnic relations under the President of the Russian Federation A.E.. Weitz told about the values of interethnic relations. Civil society forming in Russia was described by the President of the Institute of civil society problems M. A.  Slobodskaya.

 The program of the second day included master classes from well-known experts.

 On the final day the forum participants met with the head of the State Duma Committee on nationalities I. I. Gilmutdinov. He spoke about the main topics that were discussed on November, 29 at the meeting of the Council on interethnic relations with participation of the President of the Russian Federation V. V.  Putin.

A participant of the forum,  a 4th year student of the medical faculty, the Chairman of the University foreign students' Council Visrail Khamanayev:

«Such forums help us, today's youth and leaders of public associations, to harmonize interethnic relations among students, they provide skills and knowledge to manage a multinational team».


Educational and Entertaining Flashmob In Mathematics Mathcat

Monday, 02.12.19

021219 1

The University hosted the VI all-Russian educational and entertainment flashmob in mathematics " MathCat: control work for adults and not only." Students and teachers of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty met everyone who wanted to get engaged into solving fascinating mathematical problems, and there were more than 140 people. During 90 minutes, each participants solved problems of one of the four levels. Among the participants there were schoolchildren, students, school teachers and parents. Many of them received gifts with ChuvSU logo, and each participant got a personal certificate.

L. V. Seliverstova, associate professor of higher mathematics and theoretical mechanics department named after S. F. Saikin, conducted an introductory conversation about the University and the faculty with students of graduating classes, students of technical schools and colleges.


The "Apricot Garden" of the Chuvash State University Is the Best Student Theater of the Volga Federal District

Saturday, 30.11.19

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Today the District festival "Theatrical Volga region" came to the end. It was attended by 28 most talented theatrical associations of the Volga Federal district. The result of the festival was voting, which lasted exactly 24 hours. The Theater Studio of ChuvSU Palace of Culture "The Apricot Garden" in the festival presented a theatrical performance "My Grandfather Was a Cherry" and became the winner in three categories: "Best performance", "Best direction" (Dmitry Mironov - Director of the play "My Grandfather Was a Cherry"), "Best actor" (Vyacheslav Krasnov - 4th year student of the law faculty). Congratulations!


A Student of the Chuvash State University Angelina Gordeeva Is the World Champion in All-Style Karate

Wednesday, 27.11.19

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From the 21st to the 25th of November Moscow CSKA athletics and football complex for the first time in the history hosted the championship and the world championship in all-style karate IASKF. Athletes from more than 40 countries took part in it.

The first place in Kumite ippon in absolute weight (age category 18 years and older) was won by a student of "Journalism" of the Chuvash State University Angelina Gordeeva. Each fight was not easy. During two days of competitions there were 4 victories in regular time and 2 victories in extra time over strong rivals from Poland, India and Russia. Angelina won the gold medal in the adult world championship for the first time and fulfilled the standard of the master of sports of Russia. The awards were handed to the champion by the Hero of the Russian Federation, major General A.V. Merzlikin.

The next international competition for Angelina Gordeeva will be very soon: on the 13th- 15th of December Ryazan will host a stage of the WKC karate world team Cup.

Angelina successfully combines professional sports with classes, lectures and seminars, she is professionally engaged in creative studios in journalism, always actively participates in University events.


Programming in Hackathon Format "Code4Chuvsu»

Tuesday, 26.11.19

On November 22-23, the Chuvash State University hosted programming competitions in hackathon format  "Code4Chuvsu". The organizer of the competition is traditionally the students' trade union of the University. Hackathon is a forum of developers, where in a short period of time specialists from different areas of software work together to solve a problem. The young people who gathered at the Boiling Point site worked on the issues of predictive analytics, Scrum poker and mobile application on IOS on the topic of planning. Partners in the hackathon were the Digital Agency Uplab, the company "ISERV", the "Concern" tractor plants", LLC "Service of Industrial Machines", the company "ICS-IT", Dodo Pizza Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk. It was for the first time that schoolchildren became equal hackathon  participants  along with students.

The results of "Code4Chuvsu" hackathon:

1st place - "Just Do Eat" team, faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies.

2nd place - "J4A" team, faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies.

3rd place - "Single out"team, which is a mixed team of MAEI "Gymnasium № 5" of Cheboksary and Informatics and computer engineering faculty.

The winners and prize-holders received gifts from our partners, and students also received souvenirs with the logo of the University. 


Presentation of the Chuvash State University Was Held at the University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia)

Monday, 25.11.19

Andrey Gerdo, a student of the faculty of Economics of the Chuvash State University, who is currently undergoing an internship at the University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia), made a presentation of the Chuvash Republic and our University. The event was held as part of "International exhibition", it was attended by students from 20 countries.

Andrey also told about his studies. He continues to study the economic disciplines and the Slovak language. Studies in Slovakia are active. Not long ago Andrey was invited to a meeting with the administration of Economics University in Bratislava in the format of "snack-and-chat" as well as with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States to Slovakia as part of the course "Diplomacy in Practice". Earlier, there was a meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Slovakia and the representative of the Canadian Embassy in Slovakia.

The Health Complex "Pearl of Chuvashia" Hosted a Meeting of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU Student Brigade's Members

Saturday, 23.11.19

A traditional meeting, which was attended by more than 150 young people and girls, was held in the health complex "Pearl of Chuvashia", it lasted three days. Young people prefer active rest, so the organizers prepared a rich program.

Skills to carry out calculations, to draw, to saw, to work with a drill, a hammer and a paint brush were useful to young people from construction brigades. An improvised workshop unfolded in the gym. Students were given metal structures and wooden materials and were given exactly six hours. During this time, construction brigade's members built sets for a street library: a vertical shelf for books, a reading table, a bench and two chairs with backs. All items were decorated in a single color, new furniture will soon be installed in the courtyard of ChuvSU main building. The team of the construction brigade "Energy 21" coped with the task best of all. The winners were given a set of tools; it is possible that they will again produce something useful for the University.

During vacation, young builders, train-men, doctors, counselors and service workers - a total of 522 people - worked at various sites in Krasnodar region, Leningrad, Arkhangelsk, Chelyabinsk regions, Tatarstan, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district and Chuvashia. Many of them worked in children's health camps, were responsible for holding cultural events. 24 members from the pedagogical team "Chugunok" demonstrated their organizational skills at the competition for the title of the "Best counselor of ChuvSU student labor groups HQ". The creative competition consisted of five stages, including a dictation, script writing, debates. A third-year student of power engineering and electrical engineering faculty Alexey Tabakov successfully coped with the tests. In the presentation, the young man told about his summer which he spent in the camp "Friendship" in Yevpatoria.

The creative block continued with the beauty and talent contest. Young people and girls answered intellectual questions, passed GTO standards, presented business cards. The main titles were won by the leader of "Chugunok" group Nadezhda Zotova and a member of "Prospect 15" construction team Nikolai Zaporozhets.

Educational classes and sports tournaments in volleyball, e-sports, laser tag and bumperball were also held at the meeting of student labor brigades’ members.

Мария ДАНИЛОВА. Газета "Чебоксарские новости". 2019. 23 ноября.


Cooperation of the Chuvash State University with Intel Company

Thursday, 21.11.19

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In early November 2019, between I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University and Intel Corporation (USA, California, Santa Clara), a license agreement was signed by the community of neuromorphic research of Intel Corporation (INRC). In accordance with it, our University became a participant of the project on studying neural networks together with Intel Corporation. It is worth to remind that 20 scientists from the USA, Canada, Europe are invited to this project, the only participant from Russia is associate professor of ChuvSU applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty, Candidate of technical sciences M. V. Kiselev

A nice bonus was placing a logo of the Chuvash state University on the official website of Intel  among the partners of the company, along with such major educational institutions and organizations as the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, King's College of London, the financial and industrial group Hitachi, University of California, Munich Technical University, Singapore National University, the company Applied brain research, etc.


A Fascinating and Informative Trip

Thursday, 21.11.19

The University administration and the trade union committee of students provided an opportunity for students to go for free on a fascinating and informative trip along the route Cheboksary - Innopolis - Sviyazhsk (Island-city Sviyazhsk) - Cheboksary.

In Innopolis, the University delegation met with the activists of the Student Association of Innopolis University, received answers to their questions, learned about their training system, which is radically different from that of many universities in Russia and is based on the experience of leading foreign countries.

In Sviyazhsk, students immersed in the atmosphere of Russian antiquity, admired its majestic churches, monastery walls and wooden architecture. They also listened to the bells, admired the views of the Volga and the Sviyaga rivers.

The trip was a valuable experience of exploring Russian nature, culture and history. Everyone was delighted with the trip and expressed the desire to return to these places again.

Teachers of the University Assembled the Model of a "Smart Greenhouse", Held a Master Class for Teachers and Lyceum students

Monday, 18.11.19

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The Chuvash State University and Lyceum № 18 of Novocheboksarsk closely cooperate in the sphere of the youth's professional orientation. We are always glad to see the Lyceum students at our events and, in turn, we are happy to visit one of the best educational institutions in the town of chemists. This academic year, as part of the project "Science to School" the lyceum received new equipment - "a Smart Greenhouse". Specialists of ChuvSU radioelectronics and automation faculty  assisted biology teachers in launching the smart device.

Lecturers of automation and control in technical systems department, Vasilyeva L. N., Ugarin S. V., Kartuzov A.V. assembled a model of a smart greenhouse, connected sensors and actuators, configured servos of dampers, developed the algorithm and wrote programs to provide different operational modes of the greenhouse. At the end, the University teachers held a master class for teachers and the lyceum students on Intel Edison programming .

We hope that the new equipment will enable the children to make many scientific discoveries!

I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Was Visited by the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan

Monday, 18.11.19

In the Art Museum named after A. A. Kokel at the Chuvash State University the ChuvSU Rector, A. Yu Aleksandrov and Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan Ismet Erikan held a working meeting.

The meeting was also attended by security attache Hakan Buldu, the Minister of economic development, industry and trade of the Chuvash Republic P. V. Ivanov, the head of Cheboksary branch of the Russian Foreign Ministry In Nizhny Novgorod A. A. Pogorelkin, ChuvSU vice-rector I. E. Poverinov, the head of international programs and academic mobility department   E. V. Nuzhdayeva, the dean of Russian and Chuvash philology and journalism department  A. M. Ivanova, the dean  of foreign languages faculty M. V. Emelyanova, employees of the University.

They discussed resumption of cooperation and further prospects of humanitarian cooperation between Turkey and I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU. The guests also got acquainted with the educational and laboratory facilities of  power generation and electrical engineering faculty.

Federal Media Experts Awarded the Chuvash State University with the Status of a University with a High Level of Information Transparency

Saturday,  16.11.19

171119 44

The head of press service and information Department of the Chuvash State University A. P. Danilov took part in the press conference "MEDIA-Strategies of leadership in education: corporate, national, international levels", which was held in the main office of the International News Agency "INTERFAX" (Moscow). The press conference was devoted to the results of large-scale projects in studying information activities of Russian higher education organizations "Press services of Russian universities", "MEDIA- Activity of Russian universities" and "TOP 50 MEDIA-active rectors of Russia".

The experts at the press conference were Vera Volyanskaya, an analyst at the SKOLKOVO center for education transformation, Zhanna Pampura, development director of Interfax MIG, Gulnara Krasnova, chief researcher of the center for competences of international services of educational organizations of RANEPA, Elena Karpinskaya, program Director of the Russian Council for international Affairs, Alexey Chaplygin, the head of the research center "National Universities' Rating" at Interfax MIG, and Maria Buklaeva, a coordinator of media projects of the Federal journal "Accreditation in Education".

As part of the press conference there was the ceremony of awarding the winners of the national contest "Press service of the Russian universities - 2019" and "MEDIA-active universities of the Russian Federation - 2019", the finalists for the "TOP 50 MEDIAactive rectors of Russia - 2019" were announced.

The project organizer, director of the company "Accreditation in education" Ekaterina Shigapova presented statistics: in 2019, more than 400 press services took part in the open competition "Press Service of a University". Among its winners is I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. It is to be noted that for five years ChuvSU holds the leadership in this contest.

The expert Commission recognized 12 universities of the country as winners of the All-Russian competition "MEDIA-activity of Russian universities-2019", including I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. To assess the level of corporate media activity, the expert group of the competition conducted external monitoring of information activities of the University (frequency and content of publications in regional, sectoral, Federal media concerning the educational institution, information work with target audiences, the use of modern communication technologies and tools by the press service of the University, etc.). Chuvash State University is recognized as a University "with a high rate of information transparency". It should be noted that our University was the winner of this competition last year.

At the press conference, it was also announced that the rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov entered the TOP 50 media-active heads of Russian universities for the second year in a row. The assessment of rectors' personal media activity was based on the  effective "feedback" of the head with the pedagogical and student community of his University, the level of media presence of the rector on the regional and Federal information field.


Topical Issues of Modern Medicine Were Discussed at the Chuvash State University

Friday, 15.11.19

151119 9

On the 15th of November the Palace of culture of the Chuvash State University hosted a plenary session of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Topical Issues of Medicine in the XXI Century", dedicated to the 50th anniversary of ChuvSU propaedeutics of internal diseases department  and its founder Professor K. V. Markov. The conference brought together about 300 representatives of health care system from the subjects of the Russian Federation.

The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by the Rector of the University A. Yu. Aleksandrov, first Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on health protection N. P. Sanina, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation L. I. Cherkesov, Manager of Moscow regional branch of the social insurance fund of the Russian Federation D. S. Markov, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic – Chuvashia’s Minister of health, V. N. Viktorov.

Letters of gratitude were handed over to doctors and medical workers for their long-term and conscientious work in the health care system. Special congratulations were addressed to the graduate of the Chuvash State University, Honored doctor of the Chuvash Republic, Doctor of medical sciences, Professor D. S. Markov. From 2003 to 2012, he headed the Department of health and social policy at Cheboksary administration. Then he was the Dean of ChuvSU medical faculty, served as the first Deputy Minister of health in Moscow region, subsequently heading the Department. The head of the town of Cheboksary E. N. Kadyshev and Deputy Head of the administration for social Affairs A. L. Salayeva, awarded D. S. Markov with a medal "To commemorate the 550th anniversary of the town of Cheboksary".

The participants of the conference were presented a documentary film "Scientist, cardiologist, Professor Konstantin Vasilyevich Markov".

The conference continued in the format of lectures, master classes and discussions on topical issues of medicine.

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