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Mikhail Ignatiev: "The State Policy Is Aimed At Saving People, Creating Conditions For Active Longevity»

Tuesday, 12.11.19

On November 12, the Head of Chuvashia, Mikhail Ignatiev, visited the medical faculty of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. During the visit, the Head of the Republic was accompanied by Deputy Chairman of the Chuvash Republic Cabinet of Ministers  – Public Health Minister, Vladimir Viktorov, acting Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic Alevtina Fedorova, the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University, Andrey Aleksandrov and the Dean of the Medical Faculty, Valentina Diomidova.

The head of the region inspected the educational and laboratory building "S", which was renovated; more than 40 million rubles were allocated for its thorough overhaul. Over the past two years, modern equipment was purchased for 62.7 million rubles; a third of this amount is made by state subsidies.

During his visit to the faculty, Mikhail Ignatiev talked with students, postgraduates and lecturers of the medical faculty, handed them certificates of granting scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Rector of FSBEI HE "I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University", Andrey Aleksandrov expressed gratitude to the Head of the Republic for his comprehensive support of the University. He stated that within the framework of the Federal project "Export of education" of the national project "Education" reconstruction of the University dormitory № 2, where medical students live, has begun. Within the framework of the project "500 pools of Russia" of the "United Russia" party, a swimming pool is being built; its commissioning is scheduled for the beginning of the next academic year.

More than 5900 students study at the medical faculty of the University today. There are 24 departments in the structure of the faculty, 21 of them are clinical, located on the bases of medical and preventive institutions of the Chuvash Public Health Ministry.

Accreditation and simulation training centers were opened at the medical faculty and chemistry and pharmacy faculty; there is an anatomical museum which is one of the best in the Volga Federal district and the only one in Chuvashia.

The University is proud of the success of its future doctors and graduate students. Students of the medical faculty took the I team place in the practical competition part and the III team place in the theoretical competition part of the Open Student Olympiad in anatomy in St. Petersburg. Simultaneously two projects of the medical faculty became winners of the Nationwide contest which is carried out within implementation of the Federal project "Development of personnel potential in the sphere of research and developments" of the national project "Science" by the Russian Fund of fundamental Research.

A 3rd-year postgraduate student, Elena Solenova, thanked the Head of the Republic on behalf of young medical professionals for constructing new health facilities and creating new jobs in them, developing the infrastructure of medical organizations in general, improving working conditions, and asked whether the same support is planned in the future.

Mikhail Ignatiev informed that Chuvashia spends annually at least 21 billion rubles for health care. The Republic today is the best region in developing primary care and in creating conditions for providing quality medical care within walking distance.  The construction of innovative hospitals and polyclinics with elements of digitalization will continue. Within 5 years it is planned to overhaul all polyclinics. "The state policy is aimed at saving people, creating conditions for active longevity. The main priority for us is the residents of the Republic. For you, the priority, first of all, should be the patient", he stressed.

Mikhail Ignatiev drew attention to the fact that today the leadership of the Republic and the University work as a team, focusing on the development of medicine, providing highly qualified personnel for medical institutions.  ChuvSU created a strong foundation for training future physicians, for them to acquire necessary knowledge and skills. Targeted training of students is carried out. State support is provided to specialists in the framework of the programs "Zemsky doctor" and "Zemsky doctor's assistant", social payments to improve housing conditions are provided in the framework of the Federal target program "Sustainable development of rural areas" as well.

"Huge funds invested in the development of the faculty are investments in health care. When such conditions are created, it is necessary to study, multiply your knowledge and strive to become a good specialist. We are waiting for you in our health care institutions", - the Head of the Republic addressed future doctors, stressing that they have chosen one of the most important professions, the purpose of which is to preserve the life and health of people.  



ChuvSU Professor Will Deliver Lectures at Flinders University (Australia)

Tuesday, 12.11.19

From November 11 to December 07, the Dean of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty of the Chuvash State University, Professor Ivanitsky A. Yu. in the framework of the program "Guest Professor" will deliver lectures at Flinders University (the town of Adelaide, Australia). The topic of his speeches is "Pointwise methods for solving unstable problems of linear algebra and linear programming".

In turn, in June 2018, ChuvSU was visited by a rofessor of Flinders University, V. V. Yezhov, who also delivered a lecture and took part in a scientific and practical conference.

Business Meetings in Guangzhou (China)

Monday, 11.11.19

From October, 31 to November 8, the head of  I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Business Incubatoir, PhD in Economics, V. V. Ivanov stayed in the city of Guangzhou and visited Shenzhen and Heilongjiang provinces (China).

As part of the trip, there was a meeting with representatives of the Russian-Chinese youth business incubator. Vladimir Ivanov took part in the Canton fair, which has been held in Guangzhou twice a year (April-May and October-November) for more than 50 years. "To fully appreciate the scope of the event, think about the following: the last session, which was the 125th in a row, attracted 202,766 buyers from around the world and housed 59,431 exhibition venues. Each session is divided into 3 phases, each lasting 5 days, with a three-day break between them", Vladimir said.

V. Ivanov also visited the company Rovos which produces massage chairs. Business cooperation had already been established with this company and two samples of unique chairs were purchased, soon they will be brought to ChuvSU Business Incubator. As a result of meetings with Chinese colleagues, agreements were reached on further developing mutual cooperation.

Ultra-Density of "ChuvSU - Googol". Chronology of the session

Saturday, 09.11.19

The autumn session in discrete mathematics, physics and Informatics "ChuvSU - Googol", implemented by the Chuvash State University within the framework of the Federal project "Campus of Youth Innovations" of the national projects "Education" and "Digital economy", has ended.

We will restore the chronology of events and share interesting details that you may have missed.

ChuvSU Rector Andrey Aleksandrov: "ChuvSU - Googol" was intended to educate not only residents but the University as well. As a rule, we work with adults, full-aged people - with students. And the experience of working with schoolchildren with employers  involvement is a completely new competence for us, and professors, associate professors, young teachers, students themselves studied the methods of working with children. We have succeeded in this, and this is a very valuable experience.

I shall be glad to see all participants of the project at our University as students. Together we will work on your career, we will do everything to make you great specialists.

The results of the grant competition carried out by the Russian Ministry of Education for the right to join the "Campus of Youth Innovations" were announced in Krasnodar in spring. Three dozen projects developed by the country's regions were chosen as participants of the pilot stage. Among them was the application of the Chuvash State University titled "ChuvSU - Googol".

The key goal is to create, firstly, a community of talented young people who are fond of exact sciences and, secondly, conditions in which children could express themselves in practice-oriented circumstances.

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Olga Ivanova, mother of one of the participants (punctuation and spelling preserved):

"My son is delighted, and when their team won yesterday, in the evening there was a call, and in a trembling voice he said : Mom, can you imagine? We won, we are the first!!!! And I'm going to Innopolis!!! ChuvSU - Googol  is the way into the future!!! This is for a today's teenager - to gain strength! confidence! opportunity! new friends! I wish you only the best of luck and achieve all heights in all categories!!!»

In September, ChuvSU lecturers and volunteers held a qualifying Olympiad in all municipalities of Chuvashia and nearby regions. Sevastopol "Quantorium" and gymnasiums from the Belarusian Vitebsk joined the selecting process.

As a result, 300 schoolchildren were selected from 2400 participants of the Olympiad, they were invited to the profile session. 15 of them are representatives of Belarus.

"ChuvSU News" kept a regular video diary of the session. This recording was made in the third and fourth days of "ChuvSU - Googol"

During two weeks of the session 30 project teams, into which all participants were divided, had to develop solutions for the cases set by the leading enterprises of the Republic.

To do this, the participants first visited these companies and tried themselves in the role of real engineers, projectologists and programmers on the ground.


Olga Ivanova, the mother of a participant (punctuation and spelling preserved): "I would like to express my GREAT GRATITUDE to the whole team of ChuvSU - Googol. You have made our children's autumn holidays unforgettable. So much useful, interesting and necessary information they learned, how many interesting places and enterprises they visited, what amazing and different people they met. My son is delighted! The whole day he talks about the camp, activities and new friends. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!»

The project partners included the Association for development of information technologies "IT-cluster of the Chuvash Republic", OOO "Leader Soft - Implementation Centre", Cheboksary electrical equipment plant (CHEAZ), OOO NPP "EKRA", GK OOO "ISERV", LLC "Casesystems", LLC "Uplab", LLC "Garant-Cheboksary", the branch of  PJSC "Rostelecom" in the Chuvash Republic, LLC "NPP Bresler", branch of JSC "RusHydro", JSC "Khimprom", JSC "ChPO named after V. I. Chapaev", NPP "Dynamica", Cheboksary branch "Megaputer Tech", JSC "Waste Management", GC NPO "Cascade", LLC "Hevel", LLC "Relematika", Chuvash branch of PJSC "Sberbank of Russia".


Secondly, every day they were engaged in educational laboratories of the University with teachers at 5 technical faculties of ChuvSU: at the faculty of informatics and computer science, the faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technology, faculty of radioelectronics and automatics, at the faculty of power and electrical engineering and in the engineering faculty.


Galina Mikhaylova, the mother of a participant (punctuation and spelling preserved): "On behalf of our family and all our relatives, we want to convey our gratitude to all the organizers and inspirers of the project "ChuvSU - Googol" for your invaluable work !!! The project is very popular with children !!! All parents are happy for them that they got into this wave!!! All our relatives follow the news from the camp "Solnyshko". The day begins and ends with a visit to the group "ChuvSU - Googol" in Vkontakte network. The project is important for the future of Russia !!! Vivat, ChuvSU !!!»

Third, project support was supervised by tutors - ChuvSU students, who had previously proved themselves to be promising and talented engineers and programmers. For example, a seven-time champion of Chuvashia in aeromodelling, a member of the Russian national team and a student of the engineering faculty, Polina Zinovieva, worked with the guys during the session.


This is how project work with tutors looked like during the session

In the very Children resting camp "Solnyshko", where the participants of the session lived, counselors from the pedagogical teams of the Chuvash State University worked with them. Many of them work every summer work  in the most famous Black Sea children's health camps.


Master class from the ChuvSU cheerleading team " Power»

Among the Federal experts who spoke at "ChuvSU - Googol" was a science fiction writer, winner of many Russian awards for authors of popular science genre Anton Pervushin, an organizer of Russian educational conferences " Marketing. Edutainment. Humor " Arseniy Ashomko, Twitter-producer Anatoly Kapustin and the head of the Department of philosophy of education of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University Elena Bryzgalina. By the way, the organizers of the session posted recordings of these lectures in the network - the speeches can be seen by everyone.

 Lecture by Anton Pervushin on the prospects of space research

Lecture by Arseny Ashomko and Anatoly Kapustin on media trends

Lecture by Elena Bryzgalina on the ethics of technological breakthroughs 

Among the speakers of the session was the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alena Arshinova, who raised the question of the expediency of mandatory Unified State Examination in a foreign language. Public discussion of this issue continues.

Elena Solovieva, the mother of a participant (punctuation and spelling preserved): "ChuvSU is the best! Your project ChuvSu - Googol is super! Children like it! My son as well! Thank you for the opportunity to have useful and interesting holidays for our children! Good luck to you! Googol of new ideas and inspirations!» 


All ChuvSU - Googol participants were to wear a common uniform during  key activities . Exceptions were not made even for the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alena Arshinova

On the day of GTO passing in the camp "Solnyshko" master classes were given by  Chuvash cheerleading team "Power", by the way, they are  current Champions of Russia in their discipline, residents of the University's Scientific Collaboration House from the chess club "Debut", among the trainees of which there are several current winners of Chuvashia's Championships and representatives of the University sports club.

One of the most memorable moments of the whole session was celebrating the National Unity Day. The participants staged a mass dance in front of ChuvSU building "G". At the moment, the video of the flash mob has gained more than 16 thousand views.

By the way, on the same day the tourist project " Urban legends "(current winners of the Nationwide tourist competition "Route of the year", held under the auspices of the Federal tourism Agency) organized a big tour of the city of Cheboksary with immersion in its history  for the guys.

Ivan Wolsky, a participant: "Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to visit this camp, it is a platform for gaining new knowledge, improving yourself, finding new friends, development in all areas". 8
November 7, the projects were defended. Most of them were devoted to reducing financial, time and material costs in enterprises with the help of modern technologies.//">You can read about each project and the opinion of the authoritative jury in this regard here9

Summing up, it is important to remember the original goals of the project - the victory was not an end in itself. It was much more important to instill in the participants a sense of community and the ability to influence the surrounding technological reality together. Judging by the feedback, the first wave of the community consisting of young talented physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists is ready for the technological challenges of the time.

The implementation of the project "Campus of youth innovations" in Chuvashia by the Chuvash State University will continue. The next session will be announced later.

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And we remind  the most inattentive: the word "ChuvSU-Googol" comes from the word "ChuvSU" and the mathematical term "googol" which is a digit with a hundred zeros. And, therefore, the name of the session is pronounced with emphasis on the last syllable.

9 2 


Well-known Media Experts from Moscow Delivered a Lecture for Students-Journalists

Wednesday, 6.11.19

On November 5, an open lecture on new media was delivered by the former Director for development of media products "Vkontakte", an organizer of educational conferences #MEH Arseny Ashomko and a Twitter producer Anatoly Kapustin. It was organized for students of "Journalism" of the Chuvash State University In the House of Scientific Collaboration. The guests spoke about modern communication formats, promotion of information events via the Internet and answered numerous questions of students.


An Associate Professor of Civil Law Disciplines Department at the Law Faculty Passed Training in Stuttgart (Germany) and Strasbourg (France)

Wednesday, 6.11.19

A Candidate of law sciences (PhD in Law), Associate Professor  of civil law disciplines department at the Law Faculty Tatiana Timofeeva successfully completed training in Stuttgart (Germany) and Strasbourg (France). She participated in training seminars of the constitutional Court of Germany, the European court of human rights, the Landtag of the federal state Baden-Württemberg (Germany), as well as supranational bodies of the European Union and the Council of Europe. Issues related to the mechanism and main activities of the Constitutional Court of Germany, the European Parliament, the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly of the European  Council, as well as functioning of the European Court of human rights, the procedure for examining complaints and implementation of ECHR rulings at the national level were discussed during the training and information events. As a result of the internship Tatiana Timofeeva was awarded with the certificate of professional development in legal qualifications.


II Congress of the Russian Literature Society

Wednesday, 6.11.19

Today the Rector of our University A. Yu. Aleksandrov took part in the II Congress of the Russian Literature Society (headed by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia) which took place in the Intellectual center - Fundamental library of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov. A welcoming speech to the participants of the Congress was sent by the Russian President V.V. Putin.

Opening the forum, Patriarch Kirill drew attention to: "Many schoolchildren, unfortunately, have very vague ideas about the unique spiritual wealth that our multinational country possesses. I would dare to offer a generalizing cultural course, around which a holistic understanding of the Russiian history and culture would be formed in the minds of our students".

«We have a national reading support program. It was adopted in 2007 and is designed to be functioning until 2020. But we have to think about the way to compensate for the lack of reading habits, lack of interest in the book. In a good book! May be, it is worth to declare the year of reading in our society in Russia?"- suggested V.A. Sadovnichy, the Rector of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The Congress was also attended by the Minister of education of the Russian Federation O. Yu. Vasilieva, the Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation M. M. Kotyukov, the head of the Federal service for supervision in education and science S. S. Kravtsov and others.

The Russian language is not just the foundation of the national cultural code but a locomotive for the development of languages of all peoples of Russia as well. The participants of the Congress adopted the decision to prepare specific proposals to improve the education programs for schoolchildren.


The Participants of the Profile Session «ChuvSU-Googol» Are Actively Engaged in Sports and Set Their Own Records

Saturday, 02.11.19

The children successfully coped with passing GTO  standards under the leadership of f-studio: long jump, push-ups, press, kettlebell, flexibility. They could compete in mass-wrestling and arm-wrestling. By the way, all those wishing to be engaged in ChuvSU GTO F-Studio will get a pleasant bonus: Ekaterina Ustinova, the head of the Studio, promised to give a discount for gym membership to all participants of the session. 

Warm-up, training in basic pyramids, extension of the first level were prepared for the children by the famous cheerleader team "POWER". Young athletes performed their first tricks and can be proud of themselves. Ekaterina Korshunova, the team leader, noted: "In these elements, weight is not always important, the main thing is balance. Cheerleading is a combination of dancing, acrobatics and everything together. The cool thing is that even if you have no stretching, then using the elements that we showed today, you can learn to perform in cheerleading."

No less interesting moment today was the games of chess, held simultaneously on 30 boards. Thirty participants from all teams played with AA. Ivanov, a multiple champion in chess. Supervisor of the process was D.V. Fadeev, the leader of the chess club "ChuvSU-Debut". By the way, he told us what differs this game from checkers: "In checkers the most important is tactics,  you just need to count. And in chess there is a lot of strategy, tactics, intuition, more charm, interest. They reflect a person's character. For example, if he likes to attack, then he is assertive in life; if he sits quietly and does not walk – he is timid."


Autumn School "Mathematics+English»

Saturday, 02.11.19

During autumn school holidays from the 28th of October to the 1st of November I. N. Ulianov  Chuvash State University  held classes in the autumn school "Mathematics + English". The programme of the autumn school was "Interesting Geometry. English", it was traditionally devoted to studying the properties of geometric shapes and spoken English. 36 schoolchildren came to ChuvSU Junior Physico-Mathematical School to get knew knowledge, they were not only from Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk, but from Urmarsky, Yalchiksky, Cheboksarsky regions of Chuvashia as well.

This year in addition to classes on the program there was a surprise for the children: they took part in master classes "My First Robot" and "Me and Electricity". During these classes, the children got acquainted with part of the additional general education programs "Robotics" and "Young Electrician", which were launched in Junior Physico-Mathematical School this academic year.

Schoolchildren received certificates and souvenirs from ChuvSU, as well as an invitation to the XII school physics and mathematics forum, which will be held on November, 15 at the faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies. The next vacation ChuvSU Junior Physico-Mathematical School will be held from the 6th to the 10th of January 2020 and will be devoted to Olympiad mathematics.


Representatives of the Chuvash State University Are Participants of the International Conference on the Latest Scientific Developments in the Field of Education

Friday, 01.11.19

From the 24th to the 26th of October, Sberbank Corporate University together with the European Fund for management development EFMD with the participation of Sberbank's charitable Fund "Contribution to the Future" organized the IV international conference " More than studying: how to achieve behavior change?", where leading world and Russian experts in the field of education and personnel development discussed the latest scientific developments in the field of training.

The conference was attended by more than 600 people, including 4th year students and an Associate Professor of ChuvSU Finance, Credit and Economic Security Department of the Economics Faculty, A. F. Savderova.
 The speakers were Herman Gref, President, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank; Marina Rakova, Deputy Minister of education of Russia; Valeria Zabolotnaya, the rector of Sberbank Corporate University; Barbara Oakley, Professor at the University of Auckland in Rochester (USA); Martin Merle, Director of corporate services of the European Fund for management development (EFMD); Alexander Asmolov, Academician of the Russian Academy of education (RAO) and others.

Setting the vector of the discussion, Herman Gref noted that it is impossible to change or teach a person: "He can only learn or change himself if he really wants to... You can change something only by your example – and only when you have created the culture and formed a leadership role in that culture."

The experts touched upon the issues of top strategic technologies in training (digital competency confirmations, nudge tech, next-generation security, virtual reality / augmented reality, hybrid integration platforms, digital assessment, information systems for students, blockchain, interface for communication with intelligence), competency models for the digital economy in the context of continuous learning, the main trends that determine the image of the future of the economy, changing the relationship between an employer and an employee, the new role of teachers in teaching digital skills. The leitmotif of the conference was the discussion of future human behavior and qualitative requirements for the educational system.

Press Conference About the Profile Session for Schoolchildren "ChuvSU-GOOgol»

Monday, 28.10.19

On October 28, the conference hall of building "G"hosted a press conference dedicated to the international educational session for schoolchildren "ChuvSU-GOOgol". The Chairman of the Chuvash Republic Rectors' Council, the rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, A. Yu. Aleksandrov, the Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic S. V. Kudryashov; Deputy Minister of digital development, information policy and mass communications of the Chuvash Republic E. Yu. Grabko, representatives of the delegation from the Republic of Belarus, N.V. Egorova (gymnasium № 4 of the town of Vitebsk) and E. P. Glukhovskaya (gymnasium № 5 of the town of Vitebsk), spoke to the journalists. The speakers noted that the profile session «ChuvSU-GOOgol" is implemented as a result of the Chuvash State University's victory in Russia's first grant competition for the right to join the network "Campus of Youth Innovations" of the Russian Ministry of Education within the framework of national projects "Education" and "Digital economy". One of the goals for the session is to show schoolchildren how to apply their knowledge in mathematics, computer science and physics in practice.  Sessions of this kind have not been held in Russia until this year.  Profile sessions for schoolchildren are held, but conditions where children would solve real practical problems for existing enterprises are created for the first time. This will make it possible for the young talents to feel themselves real power engineers and programmers.

2400 schoolchildren from Chuvashia, Mari El, Mordovia, Tatarstan, Nizhny Novgorod and Ulyanovsk regions, as well as from the Republic of Belarus took part in the qualifying Olympiad in mathematics, physics and Informatics.  300 students from Chuvashia, Mari El, Mordovia, Tatarstan, Nizhny Novgorod and Ulyanovsk regions, as well as the Republic of Belarus, selected by the results of the Olympiad in physics, mathematics and computer science, will participate in the session's functioning.

The project is unique because the profile session is practice-oriented - schoolchildren not only work with teachers, but offer real solutions for technology companies in the region as well. 30 project teams will offer their ideas to such companies as JSC "CHEAZ", LLC RIE"EKRA", JSC "NPO "Cascade", LLC "Hevel", "RIE Bresler", CJSC "Sespel", PJSC "RusHydro", PJSC "Khimprom", JSC "ChIA nmaed after V. I. Chapaev" and many others.  The residents of the session will study digital technologies in the laboratories of the Chuvash State University with the help of teachers of 5 technical faculties of the largest University of Chuvashia, and open lectures for them will be held by well-known federal experts: head of education philosophy department of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University,  Elena Bryzgalina, a Russian science fiction writer Anton Pervushin, an organizer of Russian MEH conferences ("Marketing, Edutainment, Humor") Arseny Ashomko.

Simultaneously with the project in Chuvashia sessions started last Saturday in Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Tyumen and Tver regions, as well as in the Altai territory and Dagestan. In total, according to the roadmap of national projects "Education" and "Digital economy» the network will cover more than 150 thousand students across Russia by 2024.

As part of the press conference, an agreement on cooperation and implementing joint educational projects between the Chuvash State University and gymnasiums № 4 and № 5 of Vitebsk (Republic of Belarus) was signed.

ChuvSU Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov: "The task complexity for the profile session is for the young people to try to perform a real technological project in a team and to solve cases from existing partners-enterprises. Simultaneous integration of efforts of schools, universities and high-tech companies, in fact, is the complexity indicator for these decisions.

This is an important experience for us. I will not say that it is the first experience, but still a profile session has its own specific tasks: to make a project team of completely unfamiliar to each other guys in a short period of time and to create successful practices. This is a serious challenge.

Residents will be engaged in 30 laboratories of the University, the level of their equipment is very high. For example, the laboratory "Digital substation" has no analogues in Russia."

The Minister of education and youth policy of the Chuvash Republic   S. V. Kudryashov:

«When the national projects started to be implemented, enormous opportunities appeared for schoolchildren, students, and educational institutions themselves. New career guidance techniques are needed. 3 institutions of Chuvashia won grants within the framework of the project "Personnel for digital economy": the ChuvSU, "Quantorium" and GES № 61 of the town of Cheboksary.

The result of such projects will be ready-made cases in the areas that are set by employers. I think this is the future, based on the fact that young people belong to generation Z, a generation that is "on first-name terms" with gadgets and digital technologies.

I want to thank our University. In recent years, it has been doing a lot not only to improve the quality of graduates, to create modern laboratories together with their partners-employers, but pays great attention to the modern approach to career guidance as well: this is a Junior School of Physics and Mathematics and "Engineering classes", the House of scientific collaborations named after S. A. Abrukov. I think it will help to build the correct trajectory of education, from a kindergarten to a University".

Deputy Minister of digital development, information policy and mass communications of the Chuvash Republic E. Yu. Grabko:

«We have a national project "Digital economy", within the framework of which the Federal project "Personnel for the digital economy"is being implemented. According to it, by 2024, there should be 800 thousand graduates of educational institutions with competencies in the field of digital economy. Even currently, admission to technical specialties is growing from year to year. It is a great pleasure that the Chuvash State University won a grant for organizing a "Campus" for young talents in the pilot year, since the main direction of the Federal project is to create continuous education system and support of the talented youth specializing in mathematics, physics and high technologies. "ChuvSU-GOOgol» is the first step for our graduates to be able to participate in Russian and international IT hackfests in future». The aim of «ChuvSU-GOOgol» is for children to study not only the theory but to implement their ideas into practice as well".

ChuvSU: Events of the Week

Saturday, 26.10.19

Career guidance projects for everyone, talent contests for all creative students and a new invention of ChuvSU scientists - these events marked the beginning of the second half of October at the largest University of Chuvashia.


"Boiling Points" were opened in 41 universities of the country, including the ChuvSU. They are created with the support of "NTI Platform" on behalf of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI). These are spaces of collective work, which can be used by scientists, businessmen, civil servants, public figures and students.

A senior lecturer of applied linguistics department of Brussels Free University (Belgium) Christine Tyutgat held several classes at the University, including a lecture "Current trends in the field of interpretation". She states that the time for multilingualism is coming. For example, in Belgium alone, progressive youth are already fluent in French, Dutch, English and German at the same time. It is fair to note in response that they still can not speak Chuvash, no matter how hard they try.

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An Associate Professor of civil law disciplines department  Tatiana Timofeeva is passing training under the program "Legal and political system of Germany and the European Union" in Stuttgart, Germany and Strasbourg, France.




A patent was registered for "The method of coating devices and instruments for osteosynthesis, orthopedic implants made of metal". The know-how was developed by the centers of traumatology, orthopedics and endoprosthetics in Cheboksary and Smolensk together with ChuvSU The invention will reduce the number of infectious complications in the process of operations for installing prostheses. The secret is to process metal parts with silver in a special way.

A scientific seminar dedicated to the 105th anniversary since the birth of the first University Rector, Semyon Fedorovich Saikin , was held. By the way, the audience was told about the "Theory of linear controlled systems reachability". So if we were you, we would take our seats in the Academic Council chamber in advance.


The program of the scientific and educational festival of the University "A Human Being. A Citizen. A Scientist-2019" was published. It will be held from November 11 to 16, and the list of the sections available for students is 16 pages long.


Career guidance and supplementary education

An open day was held at the faculty of chemistry and pharmacy. The guests of the event were future graduates of schools №47, 49, gymnasium №1, lyceum №4 of Cheboksary, lyceum № 18 of Novocheboksarsk, Alikovskaya GES №. 1, Vurnarskaya GES № 1, Komsomolskaya GES № 2, school № 3 of Kozmodemyansk. They played the game "Mysteries of the D. I. Mendeleev", in the final they fought right in the laboratories of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry. Winners are not specified.


The project "Electric Power Industry 7+" started at the Minor Physical-mathematical School. Now you can join the friendly community of Chuvasia's electrical cluster from an early age. At the moment, the program "Young electrician" for schoolchildren of grades 5-6 is functioning. The project is implemented with the support of JSC "CHEAZ" and LLC RPE "EKRA". 


The programs of "Autumn schools of the Chuvash State University" were announced. Their total number will be 18 at the most different faculties. Schoolchildren from 1st to 11th grade will be able to study both Chinese and 3D modeling. 


Tomorrow "ChuvSU - GOOgol" starts the Chuvash Republic. This is a profile autumn session for schoolchildren, implemented in the framework of the national projects "Education" and "Digital economy".  2400 children passed selection in 6 regions of Russia and only 300 were selected, 15 of them are from Byelorussia.

Yes, we also like the name of this project. It is derived from the words "ChuvSU" and "Googol" - it is ten to the hundredth degree. By the way, the company "Google" got its name from the same number. However, the Americans do not pronounce it correctly. "ChuvSU-Googol" correctly pronounced with the accent on "O".



9 1

The KVN team "ChuvSU Team" reached the final of the Central League of Moscow and the Moscow region. The game will be held on the 19th of December. Its winners will have the right to compete in the Premier League broadcast on Channel One.

The contest among first-year students "Become a star-2019" ended in the Palace of Culture. To be serious, it is really worth listening to Catalina Polosukhina from "The team of the three." We promise, it will be an incredible pleasure. 

9 2

The final of the competition "Talent show" among foreign students was held at the medical faculty. According to the organizers, "each performance was filled with extraordinary energy and caused a sea of smiles. The atmosphere of kindness, joy and celebration reigned in the Assembly hall." There's nothing to add. We just add that the winner was a student from Turkmenistan Mammetgeldyeva Mayagozel.

9 3


In Kazan, the basketball team "ChuvSU-Atlanta" won the first two matches of the season of the Student Super League of Russia. First, the Chuvash team defeated the team of Udmurt State University (UdSU SSHOR-3, Izhevsk) with a score of 95: 76, and then defeated the team of the Volga State Technological University (PGTU, Yoshkar-Ola) with a score of 106:29.

9 4

These days, almost every day there are competitions between faculties/dormitories/freshmen in a variety of sports. This is how the sports club of the University forms the University teams. 

Student communities

The Students' Trade Union Committee is in the process of choosing the "Student leader of ChuvSU-2019", so the organizers of the competition held their breath and are not full of events. But they made a cool cartoon - the announcement of the contest "Become a Star". Enjoy:

On October, 17 volunteers spent time with children in "Social rehabilitation center for minors of Cheboksary".

9 5


The management of Samarkand State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan) in the person of its rector Professor A. M. Shamsiev sent a letter of gratitude to the rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash state University A. Yu.  Aleksandrov, which expresses sincere respect to the rector and the entire staff of the University. The letter says that current cooperation agreement serves the cause of dynamic development of partnership between universities, both in the educational and scientific spheres, an example of which is holding international scientific conferences. He also expressed confidence that the visit of the head of ChuvSU International Activities Department,  Yevgeny Nikolaev, to Samarkand will bring great benefit to the development of partnerships and strengthen the basis for further cooperation between educational institutions.


An International Scientific Conference in Samarkand

Tuesday, 22.10.19

221019 6

On the 18th of October the international scientific-practical conference "Actual Problems of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Suicidology: modern practice and directions of development" finished its work in Samarkand State Medical Institute. The conference was attended by over 200 representatives of higher medical educational institutions and research institutes of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, as well as representatives of medical universities and practical health care of Uzbekistan. I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University was represented by Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor E. L. Nikolaev.

The conference was opened by the Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute, Professor A. M. Shamsiev. At the plenary session, leading scientists and organizers of health care in Uzbekistan, Russia and Belarus made reports. The conference continued in sections devoted to modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders; to the issues of neuropsychiatry, dementia and addictology; as well as to medical psychology, suicidology and psychoneurology. In total, more than 60 reports were made at the conference. By the beginning of the conference, a collection of its materials was released in the electronic form, which was received by its participants.

As part of the conference, a master class on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental disorders was held. The participants of the conference got acquainted with organization of the educational process at the Samarkand State Medical Institute and appraised highly its technical equipment, introduction of credit-modular system, e-education system, Informatization of the educational process and wished further development of fruitful inter-university cooperation.

A "Boiling Point" Was Opened at the Chuvash State University

Saturday, 19.10.19

201019 55

Today in 41 universities of the country, including ChuvSU, "Boiling Points" were opened. These are spaces of collective work, which will be used by scientists, businessmen, civil servants, public figures and students. Here they will share their experience, the results of their work, work out new models of development and cooperation - "boil with ideas". The only "boiling point" in the Republic  is now located at the faculty of Economics of the largest University of Chuvashia.

"Today we are witnessing the formation of the society's demand for additional competencies, modern educational programs. Universities should be actively involved in launching new models of teaching that can be obtained in different forms. "Boiling points" just can become platforms for approbation of such models, for exchanging the best educational practices between higher education institutions", -  the Russian Minister of science and higher education, Mikhail Kotyukov , commented their simultaneous opening.

"Among the participants of "Boiling Points " more than 60% live and work outside Moscow. It is necessary to do the same in terms of technology development, startups, and we will stimulate the growth in the number of technology teams in the regions, " Dmitry Peskov, a special representative of the Russian President for digital and technological development, told the press service of the Ministry of education and science.

At the opening of the "Boiling Point" oat ChuvSU, the leader of the University, Andrey Aleksandrov, noted that the developing partnership with the "University 20.35" and the Agency for strategic initiatives makes it possible for the University to create a necessary infrastructure and to form teams to strengthen and expand the ecosystem of regional education, designed to provide the foundation for the country's technological breakthrough in the framework of the National technological initiative. Further depends on the meanings with which the ChuvSU team will fill the new public platform.

Sergey Kudryashov , the Minister of education and youth policy of Chuvashia, Oleg Trishin, Executive Director of the venture investment fund of the Republic, and Vladislav Shirokov, a curator of the "Point" from the NTI Platform, also spoke at the opening of the University "Boiling Point".

According to the coordinators of the project at ChuvSU – the program Director Alexander Nazarov and a leader Natalia Voskresenskaya, in the coming months in the opened space  a hundred and fifty events will be held that will allow advanced creative and technological communities in the region to develop joint projects within the framework of the National technology initiative.

Immediately after the opening, work began to boil at the "Boiling Point" – today it hosts 5 more events, including a career-oriented panel discussion and a practice-oriented module on modeling complex information systems.

We add that the "Boiling Points" are created with the support of the "NTI Platform" on behalf of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

The national technology initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and to provide conditions for Russia's technological leadership by 2035. The NTI approved roadmaps for AERONET, AutoNet, Marinet, Neuronet, Helsnet, Energinet, TechNet and the Circle movement. About 500 projects received funding.

NTI's end-to-end technologies include artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, big data, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, new production technologies, sensors and robotics components, distributed registry systems, technologies for biological objects' properties management, neurotechnologies, VR and AR.

Meeting of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic

Wednesday, 16.10.19

On October 15, the first meeting of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic took place in the building "A" of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.  The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic, the ChuvSU Rector, A. Yu. Aleksandrov.

Rectors of educational institutions of higher education spoke on the first issue of the agenda - on the results of the admission campaign in universities in 2019 and organization of career guidance in the 2019/20 academic year,. They noted a positive practice of universities in performing coordinated career guidance work with schoolchildren of graduating classes and graduates of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums; this work was supported by the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Chuvash Republic. The heads of educational institutions of higher education and branches are recommended: to develop close ties with vocational education institutions; to conduct the 2020 admission campaign within the framework of current legislation and existing legal documents; to implement the decisions on pricing policy for admission to higher education institutions in the 2020/21 academic year.

The report "On the state of anti-corruption work in educational institutions of higher education located in the territory of the Chuvash Republic" was made by the Vice-rector for academic Affairs of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University named after I. Ya. Yakovlev S. V. Ilyina. Members of the Rectors Council of Chuvashia made the decision to recommend the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation: to systematically send recommendations and materials summarizing the best practices of universities in the prevention of anti-corruption manifestations to educational organizations of higher education; to organize a cycle of methodological courses (seminars) for  the management of higher education institutions on the subject under consideration. The Republic's educational organizations of higher education are recommended to use more actively the resource of social networks on counteracting corruption and the potential of trained volunteers for carrying out actions of anti-corruption orientation.

Acting head of the center for supplementary education of the Chuvash State University, E. S. Muravyova Informed about the results of the strategic session (seminar-meeting) on supplementary education, organized by the Russian Ministry of education and science on September, 27 at Nizhny Novgorod National Research State University named after N. I. Lobachevsky. Educational institutions of higher education of the Republic are recommended: to develop distance learning, including with the use of on-line technologies, which will allow citizens to continuously update their professional knowledge and acquire new professional skills, including competencies in the field of digital economy; to attract representatives of the real sector of the economy to participate in supplementary professional education programs; to develop supplementary education programs for citizens of pre-retirement, retirement age and labor migrants.

The meeting also approved the work plan of Universities Rectors Council of the Chuvash Republic for the 2019/20 academic year.

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(звонок бесплатный)

специалисты приемной комиссии будут консультировать поступающих и родителей.
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