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The Chuvash State University Signed a Memorandum of Intent with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Monday, 01.06.20

On the 27th of May the Agency for strategic initiatives to promote new projects (ASI) and the Chuvash State University signed a cooperation agreement.

The Agency for strategic initiatives is an "agent of changes" that works on large-scale initiatives and unites the efforts of the society, business and the state. This means a whole range of joint projects in the fields of advanced technologies, new approaches in education, social sphere and urban development.

The cooperation will take place in the format of joint support for projects that are important for the development of these areas; in the format of barrier expertise (organization of a comprehensive expert discussion of socially significant issues and preparation of proposals to remove regulatory and administrative barriers); in the format of mentoring development (joint organization of direct access of target communities, leaders and projects to carriers of advanced Russian and international expertise and to relevant translated materials); in other formats that the parties will agree on.

"Signing the Memorandum will continue the interaction between the Chuvash State University and the ASI, which has existed for several years. In 2019, the University team took part in the All-Russian intensives of the NTI platform ("Island"), in October the University "Boiling Point" was opened, and this year the University is conducting a project-educational intensive on the model of the University-2035, a partner of ASI. Joint projects will enable the University to use advanced developments and technologies in its work and to provide even better education",  said Andrey Aleksandrov, the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State   University.

The Chuvash State University Is Recognized As a Zone of Confident Development of Digital Transformation

Wednesday, 27.05.20

I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University is recognized as the zone of confident development of digital transformation of higher professional education.

According to the National rating of online active educational institutions, the University ranks 25th in the list of Russian universities that effectively use digital technologies in training.

The research team "Yurayt. Statistica" analyzed the pace of digitalization in professional education in Russian regions and presented a national rating of online activity of universities and colleges. The research is based on data on the use of the educational platform "Yurayt": reading and reviewing discussion of educational texts, studying media materials, passing adaptive formative testing and interaction between students and teachers.

Experts have studied the digital traces of more than 150,000 students and 27,000 teachers who used the service. Analysts note: institutions of higher and professional education in Chuvashia are on the path of rapid digital transformation. The leader among the universities of the Republic is I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. Digitalization of education at the University is carried out by successfully combining the opportunities of the educational platform "Yurayt" with various services and tools of distance education technologies. The best platforms are used in the organization of educational process, including the University's own software development. The high position of the University is the result of well-coordinated work of managers, teachers and librarians on passing to digital education.

The International Success of the Young Researchers of the Chuvash State University

Tuesday, 26.05.20

250520 1

Students and postgraduates of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University took part in the 74th International scientific and practical conference of medical students and young scientists "Actual problems of modern medicine", held on May 15, 2020 at Samarkand state medical Institute in a remote online mode.

During the ceremonial opening of the conference plenary session  the rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Zh. A.  Rizaev addressed with words of welcome to the participants  The international conference was held in 8 sections, where more than 180 students and young scientists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, South Korea, and Uzbekistan presented their reports.  

Following the results of the conference plenary session, 4th year students of the medical faculty of  I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Alexey Bogdanov and Yegor Nikolaev were awarded with a  I degree diploma (scientific supervisor - Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of faculty and hospital therapy department N. V. Makarova). According to the results of breakout sessions, a diploma of the first degree was awarded to a first-year postgraduate student of the profile "Medical Psychology" P. V.  Abramov (scientific supervisor - Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of social and clinical psychology department E. L.  Nikolaev).

Education in Terms of Covid-19

Friday, 22.05.20


The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the situation in the education system in the context of the spread of a new coronavirus infection. Valery Falkov, Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation, made a report on functioning of the higher education system.         

In his opening speech, the head of the state made several important announcements. In particular, school graduates will start taking the unified state exam on June 29, and enrollment in higher education institutions will take place in August.

Digitization has helped the universities not to close during the pandemic

The Minister of science and higher education of the Russian Federation in his speech outlined the key results of adapting the higher education system for working in conditions of forced restrictions: "This year, for the first time in its history, the education system faced an unprecedented situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic. A few years ago, this would have meant one thing: a complete shutdown of universities for a few months. However, after discussing the situation with the professional community, on March 14, all universities were recommended to switch to remote functioning. For the first two or three weeks, all universities without exception experienced difficulties, often significant. It was more difficult for universities of technical, medical and creative profiles. Thanks to the rapid organization of interaction between universities and the Ministry, the search for new solutions, regular exchange of best practices, and, as a result, adaptation to new conditions was established".

The head of the Ministry noted that the transition to the remote format of work was without alternative, and in most Russian universities it was generally successful. But the practice of universities in the new conditions has revealed a number of important problems.

"The load on teachers has increased significantly, many of whom had no experience working in a virtual environment before the epidemic. Maintaining the quality of education required more time and additional effort from teachers to prepare for classes. There is much more individual work with students and additional consultations. Thanks largely to the efforts of teachers, most of the students positively assess the level of teaching in these difficult, almost extreme, conditions. Secondly, the information infrastructure of most universities was not ready for the full transfer of the educational process to online. In these matters, we must ensure our sovereignty as soon as possible: to finalize and implement domestic digital platforms for universities. The experience of organizing distance learning has clearly demonstrated the lack of a sufficient number of modern online courses", Valery Falkov noted.

The Minister stressed that distance education cannot be compared with traditional education and be offered as a full-fledged alternative. In his opinion, it should not be a question of completely replacing one system with another.

Exams online

Currently, many universities have already started the process of state final and intermediate certification. The principal solution in this part, supported by universities, is to maximize the use of online formats. In cases where it is objectively impossible to conduct an exam in a distant form, universities have the right to decide to postpone the deadline. For example, we are talking about laboratory workshops in technical (engineering) universities. "We also recommended that universities cancel the state exam if the standard allows the final certification in the form of a final qualifying work - diploma defense or in the form of launching their own startup. According to information from universities, 77% retained both types of final certification for graduates: the state exam and the defense of the final qualifying work", the Minister said.

As a result of the measures taken, the Ministry of education and science plans to complete the academic year in the first decade of July.

Social support

The situation of the pandemic has negative socio-economic consequences, especially for socially vulnerable categories of students. The Ministry of education and science of Russia, together with the Russian Union of rectors, has taken a number of measures to provide social support to students. This is, first of all, a recommendation to universities to keep the cost of admission in 2020/21 at the level of 2019, without increasing it.

In accordance with the President's order to maintain the availability of full-time higher education, the number of admission targets will be significantly increased from September 1, 2021, mainly in the regions. "In the nearest future, we propose to distribute the available budget places that remained unallocated after the competition of the last year. There are about 11 thousand such places in total. It is also proposed to provide more opportunities for universities to transfer the best students to budget places within the total amount of vacant budget places available in each University in the second and subsequent years of studying. In addition, in order to maintain the availability of high-quality higher education, we propose to expand the program of preferential educational loans for students studying on a fee-based basis",  Valery Falkov said.

Part of the package of social support measures for students is the already being implemented program of students employment on the basis of universities. 149 universities participate in this program, employing almost 16 thousand students. For the summer period, additional jobs will be allocated in University admissions offices. The Ministry of education and science of Russia together with the youth organization "Russian Student Teams" plans to organize employment of 60 thousand students in the summer labor semester of 2020. Student teams are organized in four main areas – construction, agriculture, medicine and pedagogy.

Features of admission campaign-2020

Speaking about the admission campaign in 2020, the Minister noted that its main features relate to timing of admission, the procedure for submitting documents, conducting entrance tests and enrollment. Admission to higher education institutions for master's degree programs is planned to begin in June, and for graduates of 2020 – in July. With this schedule, enrollment in higher education institutions will take place in a shorter time than usual, and the academic year is set to start on September, 1.

"The interaction of applicants and admissions committees will be mediated, without personal presence. If admission to a higher education institution involves passing an additional entrance test, the Ministry also recommends that the online format be widely used, including technologies for identifying individuals and monitoring the conditions for passing entrance tests", Valery Falkov said.

Promising development of the industry

According to the head of the Department, the main efforts are now focused on implementing urgent measures to support students, teachers and universities in the context of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. However, the issues on the long-term agenda should not be overlooked.

"In the last twenty years, the higher education system has implemented several projects of targeted support for universities. The most famous and significant of them are projects for creating Federal, national research, and flagship universities and a special program "5-Top 100". Based on the foundation made by previous programs, taking into account all their best practices, it is proposed to launch a new long - term project to support Russian universities this year", Valery Falkov said.

The key objectives of the proposed project will be:
- Close integration of universities both among themselves and with scientific organizations.
- Universities and research organizations should ensure closer cooperation with the real sector of the economy to increase their contribution to the technological development of industries.
- Deep cooperation between universities and regions in solving the problems of spatial development of the country.

"Implementation of this project will require adjusting the activities of the national projects "Science" and"Education". The Ministry has worked out the conceptual approaches, and relevant proposals are being discussed with the Government, the Presidential Administration and the professional community", Valery Falkov said.

The Chuvash State University Is Actively Involved In Implementing the Strategy to Increase Financial Literacy of the Population

Thursday, 21.05.20


On May, 19 the Association for the development of financial literacy of the Russian Federation held a conference on the development of financial education in Russia. The meeting was attended by the Rector of I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University A. Yu.  Aleksandrov and the Dean of the faculty of Economics N. V. Morozova. During the meeting, the best regional practices in the field of forming financially literate behavior of the population were discussed, as well as issues related to holding the Congress of financial education volunteers, scheduled for the end of May. The Director of the Association for the development of financial literacy Veniamin Kaganov and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Association for the development of financial literacy Anatoly Gavrilenko made a welcome speech by the selector. The Deputy Director of the Association for the development of financial literacy Sergey Lochan spoke about the organizing the All-Russian Congress of financial education volunteers .

I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University is actively involved in implementing the Strategy for improving financial literacy of the population in the Russian Federation for 2017-2023. Students of Economics faculty participate annually as volunteers in open day events organized by the Branch - National Bank of the Volga-Vyatka main Department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the Chuvash Republic. The Chuvash State University presents an exhibition of projects created by the volunteer movement to improve financial literacy. Volunteers talk about their best practices and achievements in financial education. Students of Economics faculty are active participants and winners of the inter-regional interdisciplinary GraFIN Olympiad on financial literacy, the All-Russian financial credit test, and the All-Russian video contest "Me in the World of Finance", held by the Bank of Russia and the National Bank of the Chuvash Republic. The video of Economics faculty students was awarded with the diploma of the winner of the regional stage of the competition and is used for financial education of the population by the National Bank. Every year,  Economics faculty students participate in the project competition organized by the Ministry of Finance of the Chuvash Republic to present the budget to citizens. The competition is held in order to identify and disseminate the best practices of budget formation in public legal entities in the format that ensures openness and accessibility of information about the management of public finances of the Chuvash Republic.

Also the faculty of Economics holds Olympiads as part of financial education project: the All-Russian academic competition on financial literacy for pupils, students of universities and colleges of Russia "In the country of Financial Literacy", the All-Russian Olympiad on the basics of the economy, "We Are Economists" for pupils of 8-11 classes and students of secondary vocational schools.

In the framework of implementing the project "Competences of the Future" supported by Department № 8613 of Sberbank students of Economics Faculty performed mini-projects on "Factors constraining the use of plastic cards by the population of the region" and "Problems of implementing banking products and services of Sberbank of Russia" with the aim of identifying regional issues related to introducing the best financial practices.

The plans of the activists-volunteers of financial education of ChuvSU Economics faculty are to take an active part in the All-Russian Congress of financial education volunteers and adequately represent their native University.

The Chuvash State University Entered the TOP 25 Universities in Russia in Digitalization of Education

Tuesday, 19.05.20


I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University is recognized as the zone of confident development of digital transformation of higher professional education. According to the National rating of online active educational institutions, the University ranks 25th in the list of Russian universities that effectively use digital technologies in training.

At the meeting of the working group on March, 27 2020, the Minister of science and higher education V. N. Falkov instructed to organize the collection of information on the efficiency of using digital resources of various library systems. The research team "Yurayt. Statistics" analyzed the pace of digitalization of professional education in Russian regions and presented a national rating of online activity of universities and colleges. The research is based on data on the use of the educational platform "Yurayt": reading and reviewing discussion of educational texts, studying media materials, passing adaptive formative testing and interaction between students and teachers.

Experts have studied the digital traces of more than 150,000 students and 27,000 teachers who used the service. Analysts note: institutions of higher and professional education in Chuvashia are on the path of rapid digital transformation. The leader among the universities of the Republic is I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. It ranks the 6th in terms of the rate of education digitalization among universities in the Volga Federal district and is the 25th in the Federal rating. Digitalization of education at the University is carried out by successfully combining the opportunities of the educational platform "Yurayt" with various services and tools of distance education technologies. In the organization of the educational process, the best platforms are used, including the University's  software development. The high position of the University is the result of well-coordinated work of managers, teachers and librarians on the transition to digital education.

"The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has significantly pushed professional education to remote forms. Since today the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation does not exclude the possibility of starting a new academic year in a distance format, educational institutions face an important challenge – to support a decisive modernization of the educational process," notes Alexander Safonov, editor – in-chief of the educational platform "Yurayt".

The research team "Yurayt.Statistics" continues its active work on diagnosing digital processes in Russian education and prepares new analytical data for the attention of education administrators and representatives of the academic community.

More information about the research methodology and positions of educational institutions in other regions can be found on the website of the Educational platform at:


"Yurayt" educational platform» it is included in the list of services recommended by the center for professional education development for higher and professional education systems. "Yurayt"'s mission is to improve the quality and accessibility of distance education. To support students, teachers, methodologists and librarians in the mass transition to distance learning, "Yurayt" provided free access to all the platform's resources. For teachers of institutions of higher and secondary professional education  a revolutionary service Yurayt.Exam is being developed that will help to organize online certification on the educational platform. The service will be available for free.

Recruitment of teachers in Yurayt.Academy continues - open online courses will help to effectively build the process of distance learning. "Yurayt" volunteers we are ready to provide free digital support in the transition to digital pedagogy.

Student Olympiad in English

Saturday, 16.05.20

160520 1

On the 14th of May the faculty of foreign languages  held the final stage of the English language Olympiad among students of non-linguistic specialties on the platform Zoom. According to the results of the previous stage, 6 students passed to the final, whohad to show their skills in the field of speaking. Their ability to argue their point of view was evaluated, as well as their ability to build thoughts logically and knowledge of lexical and grammatical structures. The winners and prize-holders of the final stage are:

1st place - Mikhail Sukharev (faculty of medicine);

2nd place - Gleb Agafonkin (faculty of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies);

3rd place - Andrey Gerdo, Pavel Malyshkin (faculty of economics).

The multi-stage system of conducting the English language Olympiad among students of non-linguistic specialties allows involving a huge number of students in the Olympiad movement, thereby increasing their interest in learning foreign languages, as well as identifying the most capable and gifted students. Therefore, it is important that the result of the next Olympiad is perceived by each participant as another victory, if not in comparison with other participants, but in comparison with themselves. Such growth of personal achievements requires serious and purposeful preparation, and constant work will contribute to the formation of a creative personality and successful activities in all areas.

Andrey Aleksandrov: "A Sports Club Is Not Just a Community of Players and Coaches"

Saturday, 16.05.20

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The Rector of the Chuvash State University tells about creating a professional club on the basis of the University, his commentary experience, development of sports infrastructure and the near future.

– Last year, ChuvSU-Atlanta announced that in 2020, Cheboksary team plans to make its debut in the Super League-2. Do these plans still apply under the existing circumstances?

– Of course, we hope that both the ACB championship and the Super League-2 – these tournaments will start in September or October. Current circumstances are force majeure, but we must prepare for any development.

Our plans for 2019 remain the same. The only possible obstacle may be the new financial conditions in which the University will operate. They are related both to admission of applicants in the context of the pandemic, and to the economic situation in the country – these are all risk factors. If the championship is held, if everything resumes its natural course, we will not change our plans.

– Not long ago there was information about a possible merging of Superleague-1 and Superleague-2. If this happens, will it affect the plans of "ChuvSU-Atlanta"?

– We have not worked out this option, but it is clear that if this happens, both financial and personnel adjustments will be required.

– But nothing threatens the continuation of the student team's performance in the ASB championship?

– The University's administration is determined to delegate our team to participate. Today, this is an axiom.



ChuvSU Students Are Bronze Prize-Winners of the International Student Internet Contest

Saturday, 16.05.20


160520 567

At the end of April, the second (final) round of the Open international student Internet Olympiad in the discipline "Informatics"was held in a remote format. It was attended by 686 students from 145 higher educational institutions and branches of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Slovenia.

The Chuvash State University was represented by six students of  computer science and engineering, radio electronics and automation faculties (the winners of the qualifying round). Participants were offered to solve problems in various sections of the discipline: basic concepts and methods of information theory, data encoding, positional number systems, models for solving functional and computational problems, basics of logic, modeling and computer experiment, technologies for processing information in spreadsheets, algorithms for branching and cyclic structures, integer arithmetic, standard algorithms, algorithmization and programming. Our students successfully completed all the tasks, and three of them won bronze medals.

Congratulations to students of computer science and engineering faculty Alexander Sokolov and Kamilya Adieva (supervisor - senior lecturer of computer engineering depaerment N. V. Pervova) and a student of radio electronics and automation faculty Ivan Efimova (supervisor  -associate professor of automation and control in technical systems department L. N. Vasilieva) with a high achievement.

The organizers of the Olympiad express their sincere gratitude to the teaching staff of participating universities for students' high level of training, to the participating students for their interest in the Olympiad movement, and for their will to win.

ChuvSU Center on work with gifted youth wishes the students and their supervisors success and new achievements.

The Economy and Tourism of Cuba Were Discussed At the Meeting of the Discussion Club "Speech-Club"

Wednesday, 13.05.20

A regular meeting of the "Speech-club" discussion club was held at the faculty of Economics of the Chuvash State University, which was held in the format of a videoconference.  The main topic this time was the economy and tourism of Cuba.

Students of the faculty of Economics majoring in international relations and business made presentations. Victoria Ryazanova  told the club participants about the formation of the Cuban economy and its current state. Anna Shkredova focused on interesting facts about Cuba, and Elena Sidorova introduced the history of uprising and development of the Republic of Cuba. The head of the discussion club "Speech-club" N. V. Bondarenko analyzed the main directions of studying the socio-economic development of the island of Liberty, which will contribute to the development of friendship, mutual understanding, trust and versatile cooperation between Russia and Cuba.

The head of ChuvSU economic theory and international economic relations department N. A. Efremov notes that the development of social, cultural, scientific, professional and other relations between institutions and organizations, mass media, public associations, as well as citizens of Russia and Cuba should acquire a long-term and permanent character.

ChuvSU Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov Inspected the Course of Reconstructing the Hostel № 2

Wednesday, 13.05.20

130520 4

On the 13th of May, the rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov got acquainted with the progress of repair works of the University's dormitory No. 2. He inspected the building from the inside, got acquainted with the location of residential premises, and expressed his wishes to the builders.

This is one of the first ChuvSU hostels. The building was constructed in the early 1960s, so, of course, it needed a major renovation. Funds for the reconstruction of the hostel were allocated within the framework of the national project "Education".

Taking advantage of this opportunity, we asked the head of the University a few questions.

- Andrey Yuryevich, what changes will affect the second hostel?

- Its area will increase to 1900 square meters, as an additional, sixth, floor is constructed. The building is changing its dimensions – it is expanding, new exterior walls are being built.

- Does the internal layout change?

- We are moving away from the corridor-type dormitory, now the rooms will be arranged in sections. By the way, their area will increase in comparison with the previous ones. In addition, for the convenience of residents, an elevator is provided, which was not previously available.

- Apparently, the updated hostel number 2 will be different from other similar ones?

- Indeed, it is being built according to the author's project, which has passed the main state examination in accordance with the established procedure. The reconstructed dormitory, where students of the medical faculty will live, is planned to be handed over this year.

Medical Students Actively Help Doctors In the Fight against Coronavirus

Monday, 11.05.20

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Hundreds of ChuvSU medical students actively help doctors in the fight against coronavirus. Today, students working in the COVID-19 "red zone", share their impressions.

Mikhail khaylov, 5th year student of the medical faculty:  «Since April last year, I have been working at the Emergency medical service substation in Moscovsky district of Cheboksary. We faced the coronavirus infection at work, but I started working directly with it on May 5, when I was transferred to a specialized substation.

My duties include evacuating patients with the COVID-19 virus, and providing medical assistance if necessary. To avoid the spread of infection, we go on an eight-day session. The duty lasts 12 hours, after which the staff of the working shift leaves to rest in the camp "Scarlet sails". We are fully provided with protection means.

Of course, we all volunteered for this work. This is a good opportunity to get a lot of experience and practical knowledge. My studies do not suffer from ambulance duty, because we study remotely and you can always contact the teachers.

I would like to wish that citizens do not relax and continue to follow the requirements of self-isolation. It is clear that many are already tired of worrying about their health, but it is necessary to wear a mask and wash your hands more often,  not to touch your face. We must continue to observe these simple precautions».

Aleksandra Korshunova, 6th year student of the medical faculty : «I work as a nurse at a substation in the Kalininsky district of the capital of Chuvashia. We started working with coronavirus patients at the end of March, after our substation was switched to this mode. Now we are joined by guys from other substations, also students of our medical school, who could not stay away.

At the moment, the work of the substation is organized on a shift basis, that is, we do not return home after work, in order to minimize contact with others: relatives, neighbors... we work for 8 days for 12 hours, and go to a specially designated place to sleep.

Of course, we are sometimes afraid, so we strive to protect ourselves as much as possible and to counteract the spread of infection in every possible way. We all try to make sure that our studies do not suffer, we ask our senior paramedic to set up shifts so that we could study remotely. There have been cases, if my teachers forgive me, when you go to a call in a red suit, with an earpiece in your ear, and listen to what is being explained in a remote class, participate in a survey, of course, not to the detriment of patients.

On behalf of all employees of hospitals, emergency services, we ask everyone to observe the self – isolation regime, and if you suddenly feel unwell, call the doctor of the polyclinic".

ChuvSU Provides Access to Online Courses for Everyone

Monday, 11.05.20

The Chuvash State University expands the opportunities for distance education. Now anyone who is interested in the proposed subject can take special courses that were previously available only to students and employees of the University. These courses were accredited and are popular among students.

For whom they will be interesting? First of all, potential students. This is a great opportunity to feel the University atmosphere and get to know our teachers.

Secondly, for those who want to expand their horizons. Free courses are a great opportunity to learn something new.

Third, for middle school students to prepare for conferences.

The first block of free online courses:

1. The course "The Chuvash Language", prepared by teachers of Russian and Chuvash philology and journalism faculty, will appeal to all who are interested in Philology. A link to the course is

2. The course "Geourbanistics" for geography lovers. It is dedicated to the territorial analysis and planning of cities and urbanization. The link to the course is

3. The course "Safety in Emergency Situations" is especially relevant in today's conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.
The link to the course is

Access to the courses is open in ChuvSU distance learning system at the address

Registration is not required, the courses are open to everyone.

26 ChuvSU Projects Won Grants from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs

Friday, 08.05.20


According to the number of grants received, I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU became the first in Chuvashia.  11,680,000 rubles were allocated to implement various social projects of the University.

On April 30, the competition commission of Rosmolodezh summed up the results and determined the winners of the All-Russian contest of youth projects. This year, for the first time, the competition was held simultaneously for individuals and universities. Representatives of 85 regions of the Russian Federation took part in the competition.10,007 applications from individuals and 2,214 applications from 352 universities from all over the country were submitted.

Higher educational institutions of the Chuvash Republic submitted 26 projects to the contest, but only 5 of them scored enough to overcome the competition threshold and be among the winners. The two winning projects were prepared by I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU: "All-Russian competition-festival "Student Cheer Dance Show League" and "Connecting  Generations 3.0".

"It was natural that the cheerleaders of Chuvashia received grant support. ChuvSU cheerleading team "POWER" already became twice  the champion of the competition-festival "Student Cheer Dance Show League " in 2017 and 2018. The guys have gained considerable experience of participating in such competitions, and now we are waiting for a unique, spectacular sports show.

The project "Connecting generations 3.0" is aimed at developing continuity and mentoring in student labor groups. It is a logical continuation of the projects "Connecting Generations 2.0" and Connecting Generations", which received support from Rosmolodezh in 2018 and 2019", said Olga Semyonova, chair of ChuvSU Student Council.

In addition to the universities of Chuvashia, representatives of the youth community took part in the competition in 2020, who prepared 85 personal projects. 35 Republican applications received support, including 24 projects from representatives of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU.   The competition organizers noted that the quality of projects submitted to the competition has significantly increased compared to previous years.

By the results of the contest in 2020 the Republic will soon receive 16 200 000 rubles of grant funds for implementing various social projects, including 11 680 000 will be given to ChuvSU projects.

The Chuvash Republic ranked fourth in Russia in the number of winning projects, behind only Moscow, the Moscow region and the Republic of Karelia. And in the Volga Federal district, Chuvashia was the first.

"Victory Day" Will Sound, No Matter What

Saturday, 02.05.20

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This Victory Day will not be the same as we used to see it, without portraits of Immortal Regiment, flowing through as a wide river along the main streets of the capital of the Republic, without a spectacular procession of the Combined regiment of the Cheboksary garrison and without a Grand salute. But we will celebrate it! At home, in the bosom of family, remembering our relatives who stood up for the defense of the Motherland with weapons in their hands or forged the Victory in the rear, we will flip through family albums, call our relatives and sing our favorite "Katyusha", "Smuglyanka", " Tenth battalion»…

How to join the most anticipated event of the year - the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war - in conditions when you have to stay at home for security purposes, was told at a press conference dedicated to the preparation for the May holidays. Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Chuvashia Alla Salayeva and regional Ministers were on a video conference with journalists.

- For the first time in many years, we are holding a press conference dedicated to the May holidays in a remote format, — said Alla Salayeva with regret. – First of all, I would like to draw attention to the difficult situation that has developed in the country with regard to coronavirus. Therefore, the main actions and events on the 1st of May and the 9th of May will be held in an online format.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, every year on the 1st of May more than 20 thousand employees of enterprises, trade union members, labor veterans, students and young workers went out and took part in the festive procession. This year, it is impossible to organize a parade of labor collectives, but nothing prevents it from being held remotely.

— We launched a campaign among the enterprises of the Republic #PerlePervomay (#TogetherPervomay) to congratulate all our workers on the holiday on the one hand, and on the other — to give the opportunity to labor collectives in their videos to tell about themselves. For example, you can tell about the history of your plant and about its contribution to the development of the Republic, whose 100th anniversary we are celebrating this year, - said Alla Leonidovna.

By the way, the call to join the May day action has already been answered by the tractor, Chapaevsky and electrical equipment factories, the Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulianov and other enterprises and organizations. Perhaps, on the eve of Victory Day, participants will also talk about how their plant worked during the war. We remind that 14 enterprises were founded in Chuvashia during the Great Patriotic war. Village workers also made a great contribution to the Victory…

The anniversary Victory Day will be held in the same remote format, the briefing stressed.

- Alas, no matter how much we would like to meet and communicate with veterans on such a day, it is necessary to minimize all contacts with them, — Alla Salayeva sighed. – But there will be gifts for veterans! Victory Volunteers, social protection employees, naturally, observing all security measures, will bring greeting cards from the acting Head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev and packages with gifts.

By the way, one of the most valuable is a novelty of the Chuvash publishing house "Chuvashia during the Great Patriotic war". It contains unique images and archival materials about heroes-countrymen and home front workers, participants in the construction of the Sursky defensive line. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, the book is useful for families with children.

By the way, it is the kids who, together with their initiative parents, take an active part in all actions and flash mobs dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory: they prepare drawings, videos about great-grandparents, read poems and paint windows as part of the #MIRNYE_OKNA campaign. Someone decorates windows with drawings dedicated to the Victory Day, flags, someone paints them in the appropriate style, there are also people who attach portraits of their relatives-participants of the Great Patriotic war…

More and more residents of the Republic join to the flash mob #ProdTogether, initiated by the acting head of the Chuvash Republic Oleg Nikolayev. There are more than six thousand such video stories, and the archive continues to be updated with new stories with portraits of their heroes. Some of them will be shown on the 9th of May on local TV channels, but the entire collection will be systematized on a specially created website of the Ministry of public policy.

— Everything that is currently being done in social networks for the Victory Day is a bit scattered, and we would like the memory of the feats that our great-grandfathers performed to remain for a long time and be easily accessible on a single portal, - said the Minister of digital development, information policy and mass communications Mikhail Anisimov. — That's why we created a website, which contains all the interesting information about the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Republic. Here you will find a plan of the main events for May 9, and useful links to promotions…

So, on the 9th of May at 10 am, the address of the President of the country will address the people. Then a multi-hour All-Russian telethon honoring veterans in different parts of the country will begin. At 19:00, the broadcasts of all TV channels will be interrupted for the Minute of silence. At the end of it, the hosts will offer the country's residents to go out on the balconies or stand at the window, holding portraits of their relatives, and perform the popular favorite song Victory Day. "If we all perform a song in such a rush, which I am sure everyone keeps in their heart, it will be a truly emotionally bright, important moment of universal unity," said Alla Leonidovna.

Well, the Victory Day will end with a light in the window. At 22 o'clock, the Russians are asked to go back to their windows and light candles, observing all precautions, or any flashlights. The action symbolizes the light of our memory of those who once defended their Homeland at the cost of their lives. But, perhaps, it will also be a light of hope, faith that together we will stand up and in the current fight against other threats, overcome any difficulties.


Rose Lysakova, Minister of culture, on nationalities and archives of the Chuvash Republic:

"The State Archive of Chuvashia and the National library have prepared a lot of archival materials as part of the Victory anniversary. A huge layer of unique information from letters, magazines, newspapers and other publications has been translated into figures. Audiobooks of Chuvash writers and poets about the Great Patriotic war for children have been prepared. The works are read by the actors of our theaters. Recordings of concerts and performances have been prepared. About 30 virtual exhibitions are presented on Museum websites. All this diversity is represented on the banner of the Ministerial website "Year of Memory and Glory".

In addition, as part of the "Art of Victory" project, the Chuvash State Art Museum digitized 28 works by Chuvash artists about the Great Patriotic war. Among them there are paintings by Nikolai Ovchinnikov, Nikita Sverchkov and others. All the paintings were preserved in good quality. A total of 550 banners of various sizes are installed in streets and stops in districts and cities of the Republic".

Alena Yelizarova, Minister of labour and social protection of the Chuvash Republic:

"The main heroes of Victory Day are our veterans. We must do everything in our power to make them feel our care and gratitude.

More than 10 thousand veterans of the Great Patriotic war and persons equated to them live in the Republic. The decree of the President of Russia established a one-time payment of 75 thousand rubles for them, and 50 thousand rubles were allocated to home front workers. Some residents of Chuvashia have already received these payments. Also, according to the decision of the acting Head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev, an additional payment of 25 thousand rubles will be received by about 500 people. Yesterday, the social protection agencies transferred this Republican payment and our veterans will receive it in a few days. We have also prepared personal gifts and cards for veterans, which will be delivered on May, 6. A total of 570 such presents have been prepared."


The awarding of medals had to be postponed

A little more than 10 thousand anniversary medals "75 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic war of 1941 — 1945" were planned to be awarded to veterans of Chuvashia. Most of them -7,5 thousand, according to Alla Salayeva, were handed over before restrictive measures were introduced in the Republic due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus, the remaining three thousand will be presented to veterans when self-isolation regime will be canceled. "Such a medal should still be awarded to veterans in a solemn atmosphere — said the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers. — So that a war participant can tell their story, so that children and grandchildren can feel the triumph of such a special moment."

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