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The Rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov: "I am absolutely Sure That Together We Will Overcome All Adversity! »

Wednesday, 08.04.20


In connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, students of our University, as well as all universities in the country, have switched to a distance learning format. How did students and teachers react to the changes, and what new experience did they get? This will be told by the rector of the Chuvash State University named after I. N. Ulianov, Andrey Yurievich Aleksandrov.

- Andrey Yurievich, the coronavirus attacked the countries all over the world,  without declaring war. We are all used to living in a new reality, which dictates its own conditions to universities as well.

The whole world, different states, individual localities, families and each person face this deadly test that came so suddenly. The new situation dictated to us the need to rebuild the usual way of life. Certain restrictions have been introduced, without which it is simply impossible to avoid even more unfortunate consequences, as is clearly understood today  by every sane person.

The entire education system has also found itself in unusual conditions; luckily there is a world wide web – the Internet, a communication tool through which the University implements distance education technologies today. 

I must say that the meetings of the rector's office have been held in videoconference mode since this week.

- Please tell us what difficulties both participants of the distance learning format had to face.

There were no special difficulties in switching to the distance learning format. The University at that time already had some experience in implementing mixed learning in a number of areas on the Moodle platform. Teachers of our University  created more than 1,500 courses. 

However, as a result of the complete transformation of the educational process and immersion in distance learning, it became obvious that some teachers do not have enough skills to conduct online classes. But these issues are feasible, and in the near future we plan to improve the competence of our teachers in the field of IT technologies.   

We conducted a survey of students in Vkontakte network about the problems they face with the distance learning format. The main difficulty for the young people was the lack of the usual "live" communication with teachers. Sometimes there were problems with Internet connection, which is understandable: the surge in network load was enormous. There is a lack of practical knowledge and skills in areas (specialties) that involve a large number of laboratory classes. First of all, we are talking about engineering faculties, and even the most modern simulators will not replace "live" practice for future doctors.

- What advantages do students note in online pairs?

Students noted interactivity as a positive aspect of online learning. For example, a training format such as webinars provides many opportunities for successful learning and communication with the teacher and classmates in real time. Online formats make the learning process more exciting and useful in terms of acquiring additional skills in the field of IT technologies.

- All students are probably concerned with the question of how to pass the summer session, defend a course or a thesis…

For the convenience of teachers and students, we have launched a webinar server on the electronic schedule portal. This service is designed for conducting online classes in accordance with the schedule of training sessions and exam sessions, its functionality includes the opportunity to create webinars for consultations and online defense of course papers (projects).

As part of the state final certification of students, a mechanism for the protection of diploma works (projects) using distance educational technologies has been developed. The protection procedure is prescribed in the local acts of the University, which will soon be brought to each participant of the educational process and posted on the official website of the University.

- In my opinion, the world after COVID-19 pandemic will be different, changes will also affect the higher education system in terms of distance learning format…

It is too early to draw final conclusions, but this acute situation will definitely enable national governments to assess the readiness of the society and the state for emergency conditions, including  sustainability of health and education systems. Today, universities, teachers, and students can analyze the pros and cons of online learning in real time.  Life itself has forced us to use previously unknown programs and services in the educational process, and to subscribe to online courses in open access. Teachers have dramatically stepped up their efforts to pass their teaching materials into a digital form. Speaking about the future of distance education "after the pandemic", I want to note that new formats of high-quality online education will undoubtedly arise, and the proportion of distance courses will increase.

- Andrey Yurievich, what would you wish our students and teachers who live in conditions of self-isolation?

I would like to express my gratitude to our students, teachers, and staff for their patience and understanding, and for their adequate response to the difficulties that our University faced at this difficult time for the country! I am grateful to everyone who has shown diligence to ensure the sustainable development of the Chuvash State University, and I wish everyone good health! I am absolutely sure that together we will overcome all adversity!

I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University Has Strengthened Its Position in the International Rating of Scientific Institutions SCImago 2020

Tuesday, 07.04.20

In total, more than 7 thousand scientific institutions of the world are represented in the international rating SCImago 2020 (SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) 2020). This year, it includes 278 Russian organizations, including a total of 136 universities. In the ranking of higher education institutions in our country, I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University is on the 64th position.

The criterion for including an institution in the SIR rating includes publication of at least 100 works included in the SCOPUS scientific citation database. For ranking purposes, the calculation is made annually based on results obtained for a five-year period ending two years before the rating is issued. For example, if the selected publication year is 2020, the results for the five - year period 2014-2018 are used. The only exception is the case of web indicators, which are calculated only for the last year.

The rating is based on three groups of indicators:

1. Evaluation of research activities - it consists of eleven indicators, the total weight coefficient of which is 50%.

2. Assessment of innovation activity - it consists of three indicators with a total weight factor of 30%.

3. Social impact Assessment – three web indicators with a total weight factor of 20%.

For reference:

The SCImago Institution Rankings (SIR) is a platform for analyzing, evaluating, and ranking research results from universities and research organizations around the world. The SIR platform aims to develop analytical tools to help institutions to monitor and to evaluate their research results and to make decisions to improve research effectiveness.

Rectorate Meeting in a Remote Mode

Tuesday, 07.04.20

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The Rector of the Chuvash State University A. Yu. Aleksandrov for the first time held a meeting of the rectorate via the Internet in remote mode. Members of the university administration took part in a remote format – most of them from their offices, some from home.

They discussed issues of developing remote educational technologies, purchasing educational and scientific equipment in 2020, maintening accident-free operation mode during repairs, ensuring comprehensive security of the University, and providing financial assistance.

The experiment was successful. It was provided with a good technical opportunity to conduct the meeting in remote mode.


At the initiative of ChuvSU, 111 teachers of mathematics, physics, and computer science passed advanced training

Tuesday, 31.03.20

From the 23rd to the 27th of March advanced training courses for teachers of mathematics, physics and computer science were organized at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University.  111 teachers of secondary educational organizations in Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, Alatyr, Kanash, Shumerlya, Tsivilsk, Yadrin, as well as Alatyrsky, Alikovsky, Batyrevsky, Ibresinsky, Kanashsky, Kozlovsky, Krasnoarmeysky, Tsivilsky districts of the Chuvash Republic passed training in additional professional programs in a distance format.

Mathematics teachers have become attendees of the program "Improving methods of teaching mathematics in preparation for the unified state exam".

The issues related to various methods of solving tasks of the profile USE in mathematics, new requirements for students, new tasks of the state final certification in mathematics, features of the examination and verification of works in the current academic year were considered. A master class was organized for the attendees  to check the work of students and to analyze the most typical mistakes of students when performing tasks in the second part of the SFE. Classes were conducted by a certified specialist of the unified state exam, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, head of the laboratory of theory and technology of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science A. K. Yardukhin.

The courses for physics teachers were led by the head of general physics department, the Chairman of All-Russian Schoolchildren's Olympiad regional stage in physics, L. K. Mitrokhin: classes were focused on preparation for Olympiads in various level in physics. The attendees learned how to plan and organize work with gifted students who are interested in physics in the most effective way. They were presented the modules "Content of extracurricular activities of students in preparation for Olympiads in physics", "Organizational and methodological aspects of  various stages of the All-Russian Olympiad in physics" and "Content and features of the Olympiad tasks in physics. Methods for solving tasks of theoretical and experimental rounds". The head of ChuvSU center for work with gifted youth, Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences D. A. Troeshestova introduced attendees to Olympiads and competitions in mathematics and physics organized by the University.

The program "Actual problems of methods of teaching computer science and programming in a modern school" was devoted to both questions of passing the unified state exam and methods of working with gifted students. The head of mathematical and hardware support department, Candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences D. V. Ilyin held classes for the modules "Teaching methods of solving tasks of the test part in preparation for CSE and USE taking into account the changes in control measurement materials in 2020", "Teching methods of solving tasks with detailed answers in preparation for CSE and USE taking into account the changes in control measurement materials in 2020, analysis of typical errors and evaluation criteria" and "Methods of solving Olympiad tasks in informatics and programming: efficiency of algorithms; algorithms on arrays; algorithms on strings; complex data structures; combinatorial algorithms".

All courses were offered in the distance format with the use of remote technologies. Teachers received a large amount of information and teaching materials without leaving their job places.


All-Russian Success

Tuesday, 31.03.20

A 4th year student of the medical faculty Daria Zinovieva became a prize-winner in the third season of the All-Russian Students' Olympiad "I Am a Professional" in the 2019-2020 academic year in the category "Specialty" in the direction of "Dentistry" (advisor – Natalia Kravchenko, assistant of the department of instrumental diagnostics with a course of phthisiology).

The final stage of the Olympiad was held in February at Kazan State Medical University, where dental students from Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary and Kazan demonstrated their practical skills to the jury.

ChuvSU Medical Students Are Ready To Help Physicians in the Fight against the Virus

Tuesday, 31.03.20

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The President of Russia V. V. Putin instructed to replenish the medical staff in the conditions of the pandemic and to involve medical students and interns in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. He said this at a meeting with authorized representatives in the federal districts. 

The medical faculty of the Chuvash State University immediately responded to the President's instructions. To date, 477 residents have been sent to practice in medical institutions of the Chuvash Republic. They are at the disposal of the chief medical officers. All students have access to work. 

At the same time, the faculty is preparing a list of students from among the volunteers who have access to work in the positions of  middle medical personnel. Students-volunteers will be involved in additional work with ordinary patients.

Remembering Pushkin

Monday, 30.03.20

To ensure that students do not get too much bored with distance learning, the ChuvSU department of international education organized a competition for foreign students - the poetry contest " Inspiration. Poetry. Talent». The participants read poems in Russian or any other language of the world. We would like to bring to your attention the performance of the winner in the section of reciters in the Russian language Avoussa Marie (Cameroon), a 2nd year student of ChuvSU Russian and Chuvash Philology and Journalism Faculty.

Enjoy such a heartfelt performance of a poetic work!

The Chuvash State University Signed an Agreement on Cooperation with the Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Volunteers Movement in the Field of Public Health "Medical Volunteers»

Monday, 30.03.20

The history of the All-Russian movement in the Chuvash Republic began in April 2016. On the basis of #ChuvSU the first medical volunteers' Committee of the Volunteer center was established. In June 2018, the Chuvash regional branch of the All-Russian public movement "Medical Volunteers"was established.

Medical volunteers provide significant support in solving socially significant problems in such priority areas as:

1) volunteer assistance to medical organizations;

2) sanitary and preventive education;

3) first aid training and event support;

4) vocational guidance for school children;

5) maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Winner of the All-Russian Student Olympiad

Monday, 30.03.20

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A 2nd year student of mechanical engineering faculty Tatyana Lukoyanova won the All-Russian Students Olympiad "I am a professional" in the direction "Materials Science and Engineering and Technologies of Materials". The face-to-face round of the Olympiad, which was attended by 6 students of the 2nd and 3rd year of study of ChuvSU mechanical engineering faculty, was held at Kazan national research technical University named after A. N. Tupolev (KAI).

We express our gratitude to associate professor of materials science and engineering and metallurgical processes M. A. Shvedov for successful training of students.

We wish the students further victories and success in everything!

Oleg Nikolaev Tightened the High Alert Regime on the Territory of the Chuvash Republic

Thursday, 26.03.20

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Yesterday, on March 25, the acting head of the Chuvash Republic Oleg Nikolaev made changes to the order on introducing a high-alert regime on the territory of the Chuvash Republic.

According to the new document, it is recommended to suspend the activities of cinemas, theaters, children's playrooms and children's entertainment centers, night clubs (discos) and other entertainment and leisure facilities, baths and saunas, as well as swimming pools, fitness centers and other physical culture and sports facilities in the Chuvash Republic.

Legal entities, regardless of their legal form, and individual entrepreneurs are asked to refuse to provide hookah smoking services in restaurants, bars and cafes in order to reduce the risk of spreading a new coronavirus infection (COVID-2019).

Entrepreneurs and retail chains are encouraged to expand the opportunities for remote ordering of goods and delivering them to consumers' homes.

Residents of Chuvashia older than 60 years will have to be quarantined. "The regime of self-isolation will help older people who are in a special risk group to protect themselves from possible infection," – said the acting head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev. At the same time, the order of the head of the region recommends that telecommunication companies do not stop providing cellular services and Internet connections to citizens over the age of 60 years with a zero or negative balance.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chuvash Republic will provide assistance to the executive authorities of the Chuvash Republic and local self-government bodies in implementing measures to counteract the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

Oleg Nikolaev also ordered to provide  medical workers and other persons who are in contact with the sick or have signs of COVID-2019 with personal protective equipment (masks) as a matter of priority. It is proposed to encourage the work of doctors and other workers involved in rounds, providing assistance to citizens who are in self-isolation, elderly people living alone and the disabled.

"The situation with coronavirus in our region stays under control, but since the risk of detecting new infected people is high, we are forced to take additional preventive measures to ensure the safety of residents of the Chuvash Republic. I hope for  understanding from the business community. I also want to thank all the medical workers who are on the front line today and selflessly work to prevent the widespread spread of this disease," Oleg Nikolaev said.

We remind that the high-alert regime due to the threat of spreading a new coronavirus infection has been in effect on the territory of the Chuvash Republic since March 18. Additional measures are being taken to protect residents of Chuvashia from being infected with respiratory diseases. The special regime will be in effect until the relevant order of the head of the region.

Press service of the Administration of the Head of the Chuvash Republic

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research Supported the Projects of ChuvSU Scientists

Wednesday, 25.03.20

Teachers of Chuvash State University won the competition for the best projects of fundamental research of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research supported the project "Comprehensive Support for Families Raising Children with Disabilities in Inclusive Education", which is headed by Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of philosophy, sociology and pedagogy department I. A. Chemerilova.

"As part of this topic, we plan to conduct a comprehensive monitoring of families raising children with disabilities in order to identify their problems and develop models for supporting such families when teaching children in an educational organization; determine the needs of parents in an inclusive education environment and develop areas of work with families with children with disabilities," says Irina Albertovna.

Another project supported by the Foundation is "Strategic Management of Regional Socio-Economic Systems in the Context of Digital Transformation of Industry". Its head is a Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, head of state and municipal management and regional economics department, the Dean of the faculty of Economics N. V. Morozova.

"The aim of the project is to develop and scientifically substantiate the mechanism for strategic management of regional socio-economic systems in the context of digital transformation of industry.

The research will be aimed at identifying trends and substantiating developmental patterns of regional socio-economic systems in the context of digital transformation of industry and a high degree of instability of the external environment. This will make it possible for us to identify priority areas of digitalization in the national economy, implementation of which can ensure balanced economic growth at the federal and territorial levels, as well as to develop a concept of digital transformation of industry in both macro - regions (Federal districts) and specific territories", Natalia Vitalievna shares.


Keep your Distance!

Wednesday, 25.03.20

A lesson given by the assistant of the Department of Russian as a foreign language E. S. Alekseeva begins with setting up a laptop:

"I send my students – foreign students of the preparatory department – tasks in advance in the chat, and they send me completed homework. And through a special app, we communicate in video mode, analyze errors, and practice "live" speech.

Since March 17, our University has temporarily switched to distance learning. Since March 23, teachers have also been passed to a flexible work schedule. They use a whole range of technical opportunities to organize "remote" classes. As the head of the educational and methodological department M. Yu. Mitrofanova told, these are classic lectures, test tasks, cases and tasks located on the Moodle platform, which also hosts all working programs, methodological materials, and a webinar and video conference service that enables to read lectures online and get immediate feedback, use a virtual whiteboard to upload and display presentations, office documents, create discussion rooms, etc. Video broadcasts on Vkontakte and YouTube are popular for conducting online lectures and seminars. Group chats are created in messengers and social networks, where students can ask questions, record audio messages, or submit their assignments for current review in a special system of forums.

"I prefer to read lectures to students online in the web conferencing of Federal University network of Russia RUNNet", – the Dean of the medical faculty, V. N. Diomidova, shares her experience. – During the lesson, you can use presentations that are available to participants on the other side of the screen. Students can ask questions and get answers in the chat mode. Technical means of the University enable to conduct a lecture as comfortable as possible for both teachers and students."

Yulia Adyukova, a student of Russian and Chuvash Philology and Journalism Faculty, notes: "We understand that we are forced to study in a remote mode because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, going to University and getting knowledge in the classroom is much better, but safety is more important. How are our classes going? Mostly in video mode. The teacher gives a lecture, we write it down. If we have any questions, we can ask them right away. Practical classes are held in the same way."

To solve any questions about distance learning, the University has a hotline (tel. 45-20-27), where anyone can call. Also, to help students and teachers, a special banner "Distance education" has been created on the University's website, where you can find all information on implementing distance technologies at the University.

Effective Employment

Friday, 20.03.20

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On the 16th of March the faculty of Informatics and computer engineering of the Chuvash State University held a Job Fair as part of the project "Effective Employment" and promotion of graduates' employment.

At the fair, representatives of "Casesystems" LLC, "Iserv" group of companies, Research and Production Enterprise "Dynamics" , Research and Production Enterprise "EKRA" , "Intem Lab" LLC, "CHEAZ" JSC, "NTK Priborenergo" LLC, and "Lidersoft-Implementation Center" LLC introduced available vacancies to faculty graduates. Employers prepared a variety of promotional handouts and presentations for graduates, shared contacts, and invited them to their companies.

Graduates received valuable information about the specifics of each company and were able to ask questions, including the possibility of further training, probation and internships, the level of wages, corporate traditions.  Graduates learned what were requirements companies for candidates for positions. The Dean of ICT facultyA.V. Shchiptsova invited partners to think about the possibility of performing final qualifying works on the topic of companies and invited the meeting guests to attend defending the graduate qualification works and awarding the diplomas. 

Preparing the Staff for the Defense Industry

Friday, 20.03.20

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On the 20th of March, the heads and teachers of educational programs of ChuvSU department of computer science in the framework of the project "Staff for the defence industry" visited Cheboksary electric equipment plant and took part in the round table "Automation and digital substations– the activity of JSC "CHEAZ".

Targeted training modules, which are in demand by the enterprise, including "Protection of information in automated information systems", "Technologies for designing hardware-software complexes and systems", "Integration of devices for automated systems using computer networks," "Technologies for designing automated information systems" are now being implemented at the ICT faculty .

During the meeting, which was held on the basis of the digital substation polygon of CHEAZ JSC, representatives of the plant acquainted teachers with the activities in the field of designing special software for digital substations. They discussed issues of practical training and research on the subject of specialized CHEAZ JSC departments and planned joint decisions on organizing summer practice of students and preparing final qualifying papers. By the way,  a whole group of the faculty graduates and students in master's and bachelor's programs in all areas of training are engaged in the development of special software at the enterprise. Factory workers are ready to accept new young staff into their team. The team has a lot of interesting projects, there is a wide range of specialized vacancies for the faculty of computer science and engineering.

The Results of the Regional Stage of the Intellectual Olympiad of the Volga Federal District Among Students were Summed Up

Wednesday, 18.03.20

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On the 17th of March winners of the regional stage of «IQ PFD" Intellectual Olympiad among students were awarded at the Chuvash National Museum.

The project Intellectual Olympiad among students and schoolchildren is implemented in the district under the patronage of the office of the Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal district.

The project objective: involving schoolchildren and students in intellectual, creative, scientific and educational activities.

The district stage of the V Intellectual Olympiad of the Volga Federal district among students is planned to be held in September-October 2020 on the basis of Mordovia State University named after N. P. Ogarev.

The Museum employees conducted a tour for the young people, during which they got acquainted with the materials of the Museum, telling about the history of the Chuvash people and the Chuvash region from the IX to the beginning of the XX centuries.  

REFERENCE: According to the results of participating in the 2019 «IQ PFD" Intellectual Olympiad of the Volga Federal district among students in the team scoring, Chuvashia is on 7th place out of 14 PFD regions. The best result of our team in "Robotics" (Roman Gabibullaev and Igor Arefyev) - 2nd place.

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