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The ways of Developing New Competencies for the Digital Reality Were Studied

Monday, 27.01.20

On January 26, I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University hosted the All-Russian scientific and practical conference "New Digital Reality Competencies and Ways to Develop them in Students".The organizers were ChuvSU, LLC "NPP "Automatika" (ChuvSU Center for youth innovative creativity), Academy of computer graphics, Public Fund for the development of scientific and technical creativity " Kulibin. Club». Participants of the conference were employees of organizations of all forms of education, as well as representatives of IT- companies and NGOs, students and postgraduates.

A welcoming speech to the participants of the conference was adddressed by D. A. Troeshestova - the head of ChuvSU center for work with gifted youth, A. K. Yardukhin - the head of ChuvSU laboratory of theory and technology of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science, and T.  N. Kopysheva - the head of the direction "Programming and 3D modeling" at the Academy of computer graphics.

Participants of the conference visited  interactive platforms "Robotics" and "Augmented and Virtual Reality", organized by the faculty of engineering and the faculty of computer science and technology.

Of particular interest were master classes "Algorithms Theory in Robotics and Olympiad Problems", "Programming", and "Young Einsteins: entertaining physical experiments for elementary school students", "Electrical Engineering: experience of working with schoolchildren of the 5th-6th grades", which was conducted by teachers of ChuvSU Junior Physics and Maths Department.

The conference ended with a round table "Exchange of practices for the development of digital skills in educational organizations", where the dean of the faculty of Informatics and computer engineering A.V.  Tchptsova shared the experience of working with students.


Let's Bow to Those Great Years...

MONDAY, 27.01.20

On the Day of Russia's military glory – the Day of the complete lifting of Leningrad's blockade, a large delegation consisting of students and employees of the  Chuvash State University, headed by the Deputy of the State Council of the Chuvash Republic, ChuvSU rector A. Yu. Alexandrov took part in laying the wreaths at the Eternal flame in the Victory Memorial complex in Cheboksary. In his speech to the townspeople Andrey Yuryevich noted that the siege of Leningrad lasted 900 days. During this time, according to various sources, from 300 thousand to 1.5 million people deceased. The victories achieved in Moscow, Stalingrad, and Kursk battles were made possible largely due to steadfastness of the Leningraders. The defense of Leningrad was one of the key factors that ensured a complete victory over Germany.

Laying wreaths to the Eternal flame was one of the many events in the capital of Chuvashia dedicated to the Year of Memory and Glory, declared by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in order to preserve historical memory and to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.


Double victory of the Chuvash State University students Prusakova Lana and Dmitry Mulendeev

Friday, 24.01.20

240120 55

Students of the Chuvash state University, members of the Russian freestyle team, masters of sports of the country Lana Prusakova and Dmitry Mulendeev won the second consecutive victory at the first stage of the Russian Cup, which ended yesterday in Miass, Chelyabinsk region in the ski complex "Sunny valley".

On the final day of the competition, the trainees of the honored coach of Chuvashia Nikita Vasiliev showed the best results among men and women in one of the most difficult freestyle disciplines – big air. Earlier, our athletes had no equals in the discipline of slope-style.

By the Program of Academic Mobility

Friday, 24.01.20

Anastasia Borisova, a 3rd-year student of ChuvSU foreign languages faculty, passed training in the first semester of the 2019-2020 academic year at Henan University (China) as part of the academic mobility program  

. Anastasia says: "I wanted to visit China for a long time, I am attracted to this country, I like the language and culture, I am interested in learning something new, discovering new opportunities, and traveling. Documents for the six-month program were not difficult to collect, of course, I had to run a little, but it was worth it. 

I studied at the Chinese language courses, training was conducted in the Chinese language, which was a big plus for me. Speaking of training, I really enjoyed studying! There were not many classes a day, and there was enough time to walk around the city. At the end of the semester, I successfully passed the exams and received a certificate of education. My level of the Chinese language mastering has increased significantly. If at first I was shy to talk to people because of lack of confidence in my knowledge, then I was more or less free to communicate with the Chinese on simple topics. Of course, I still have something to strive for, but I am very happy about this progress in learning the language. 
In China, I mostly liked everything too. At first, of course, it was terribly unusual, since everything is different there: the air, the climate, food, even residents. People, by the way, were very kind and often helped. Over time, I got used to the traditional food, and I really got to like spicy food.

China is a developed country, where everything exists for the convenience its residents. I got so much used to it that when I arrived in Russia, I was surprised at first, how we could live without this or that service, thing. These last few months have been full of adventures for me, and I don't regret taking the risk and going. Thanks to this unforgettable experience, I fell in love with my life in China and am already starting to miss it. I hope I will return there in the future!».  


The Chuvash State University Widely Celebrated the Russian Students' Day

Friday, 24.01.20

240120 888

On January, 24 in honor of the Russian Students' Day competitions in mini-football among men's teams of student associations (qualifying stage ASSK Russia), a volleyball tournament for mixed teams of student associations, a friendly match in volleyball between the team of teachers and the team of University student associations (mixed teams), fun starts among the faculties were held in ChuvSU educational-sports complex. The cultural program featured the University's student choir, activists of the Palace of culture, the cheerleading team, the support group of the faculty of Economics, the student of Russian and Chuvash Philology and Journalism the faculty Gurgen Vartanyan, and presenters Roman Kurakin and Daria Mikhailova.

In the solemn part of the event, students and teachers were warmly congratulated on the Student's Day by the rector of the University A. Yu. Aleksandroc, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly L. I. Cherkesov, the Chairman of ChuvSU Board of Trustees, General Director of JSC "Vurnary plant of mixed preparations" V. Sveshnikov. They also awarded distinguished athletes and awarded certificates for granting scholarships of the University's Board of Trustees. Students had the opportunity to enjoy a honey drink, which, according to students, has a warming and anti-inflammatory effect. Such a treat has become a good tradition at the University.

They also congratulated the University's mascot, the owlet Ulyan on his third birthday: he is a symbol of wisdom, learning, and boundless outlook.

At the end of the holiday, the guests of honor had an informal conversation with students, taking photos and selfies.

Another gift for University students this evening is mass skating at the Ice Palace "Cheboksary-Arena"  as part of the project "Be on the move".

The Chuvash State University Hosts the All-Russian Physics Olympiad for Schoolchildren and the Olympiad Named after J. K. Maxwell

Thursday, 23.01.20

230120 654

Today the Rector of our University A. Yu. Aleksandrov took part in the opening ceremony of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad in physics and the Olympiad named after j. K. Maxwell. Andrey Yuryevich briefly told about the University, wished schoolchildren success in solving the Olympiad tasks, and invited them to visit the University's educational and research laboratories and the  house of scientific collaboration named after S.A. Abrukov, museums of the University.

Welcoming speeches to the participants of the Olympics were also given by the Director of the center for extracurricular work "Etker" of Education Ministry of Chuvashia O. N. Tarasenko, the Dean of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty  A. Yu. Ivanitsky, the head of the center for work with gifted youth D. A. Troeshestova, the head of  general physics department , L. K. Mitrukhin.

After the opening ceremony and the organizational meeting, the schoolchildren took part in the theoretical round of the Olympiads - they solved the Olympiad tasks. At the end of the theoretical tour, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the author's solutions and the preliminary system for evaluating the tasks of the previous tour during an online review on the site

The second, experimental tour will take place on January, 25. The next day, on Sunday, in the center of extracurricular work "Etker" of the Ministry of education of Chuvashia (the town of Cheboksary, Afanasiev Str., 13) there will be a review of  Olympiad tasks, a display of works, an appeal and summing up the results of the Olympiad.

The Chuvash and the Mari State Universities: Expanding Cooperation

Thursday, 23.01.20

Yesterday the delegation of the Chuvash State University headed by the rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov paid a working visit to the Mari State University. Within the framework of the meeting, an agreement on cooperation between MarSU and ChuvSU was signed.

The interaction between the two universities is currently developing in different directions. The general vector of interaction development is the focus on developing new technologies. In particular, MarSU and I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU in July 2019 became participants of the educational intensive "Island 10-22".

MarSU Rector, M. N. Shvetsov, noted that the export of education and the development of high-tech sectors of the economy are one of the main tasks of higher education institutions, and it is interaction of universities and their scientific collaboration that will help to achieve these goals.

In turn, ChuvSU rector,  A. Yu. Aleksandrov, said that universities need face-to-face contacts between specialists in various fields: research, educational programs, extracurricular work with students and creating spaces. Andrey Yuryevich believes that today's universities should strive for cooperation, which is the next step after competition which proved to be inefficient for universities.

ChuvSU Students Are Winners and Prize-Holders of the All-Russian Contest "Best Media Content in the Field of Drug Abuse Prevention»

Wednesday, 22.01.20

Russian Peoples' Friendship University (Moscow ) from October 5 to December 20, 2019 held the All-Russian contest "Best media content in the field of drug use prevention". The results were summed up some days ago.

49 videos and 82 posters were presented by 20 regions of the Russian Federation (almost 40% of the works were submitted by students of ChuvSU medical faculty). Our 5th-year students of the specialty "General Medicine" (course of psychiatry and narcology) became winners and prize-holders in the categories:

"Best video in the field of drug use prevention»:

 1st place – Vadim Kitaev, Alexander Solovyov, Anna Semenova, Alijan Shamradov.

 3rd place - Nina Antonova (Romanova), Anastasia Korshunova, Roman Yakovlev;%

"Best poster in the field of drug use prevention»:

3rd place – Anastasia Elemenkina, Alexander Makaev.

The winners received modern wireless headphones, convenient portable external batteries for mobile phones, professional equipment for video shooting on a mobile phone, and other prizes. Vadim Kitaev, Alexander Solovyov, Anna Semenova, Alijan Shamradov were awarded with the main prize -  action-GoPro cameras.

Battle of Lyceums: with Love to Physics

Monday, 20.01.20

On January 19, the second stage of the tournament "Battle of Lyceums" was held at I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. At the opening of the physics tour, the head of the center for working with gifted youth, D. A. Troeshestova, the head of the laboratory of theory and technology of teaching mathematics, physics and computer science, A. K. Yardukhin, the head of applied physics and nanotechnology department, the chairman of the jury V. S. Abrukov addressed to the participants with welcoming words.

This year, 10 teams of tenth-graders took part in the physics tour of the "Battle of lyceums", they represented educational organizations: Lyceum № 2, Lyceum № 3, Lyceum №44, gymnasium №1, gymnasium № 2, school № 61 of the town of Cheboksary, Lyceum № 18, gymnasium № 6, school № 12 of Novocheboksarsk and secondary educational school № 1 of the town of Tsivilsk of The Chuvash Republic. As in the previous year, immediately after the first competition - the team Olympiad - a real battle broke out: the results of the teams in the rating table differed from each other by 1-2 points. Members of the jury - teachers of applied mathematics, physics and information technologies faculty noted a high level of participants' training. "Fighters of the physical front" decently performed in two intense physics fights, and in persistent fight prize-winners were defined:

the 1st place: "Pt" team , Lyceum №3 of Cheboksary;

the 2nd place: "No name" team, gymnasium №6 of Novocheboksarsk;

the 3rd place was taken by two teams: "Quadrics" of secondary school №1 from Tsivilsk and "Maxim and his team", Lyceum № 18 of Novocheboksarsk;

Ahead is the last, third round in computer science, which will be held at the faculty of computer science and computer engineering on January, 26. Who will get the main prize this year – the perpetual trophy?

Chuvash State University and VTB Bank: Building Together the Education of the Future

Friday, 17.01.20

The Rector of our University A. Yu. Aleksandrov paid a working visit to the office of VTB Bank in Cheboksary and got acquainted with the organization of providing banking services. A working meeting was held with the head of VTB Bank's Directorate in the Chuvash Republic, K. V. Kyrgyzov, during which a plan of joint activities for practice-oriented training of personnel for the credit and financial sector was formed. In particular, it is planned to hold joint events on financial literacy of young people and to organize master classes and joint research.


VTB Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia. Key areas of its activity are working with corporate clients and financial organizations, including government agencies and enterprises, attracting funds and consumer loans. The main sources of funding are equally the funds of corporate clients and of the population.

Open Online Discussion

Friday, 17.01.20

170120 77

On January 16, representatives of the University, headed by the rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov who had passed a grand-scale educational intensive "Island 10-22" in July 2019, took part in an open online discussion for representatives of education "Involvement and awareness of students as the key to success", held at the Skolkovo Institute of science and technology. Everyone could join the online broadcast on YouTube. The event is organized by EdCrunch of National Research Technological University "Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys", University 20.35 and Skoltech.

The moderator of the meeting was Konstantin Ziskin, Candidate of pedagogical Sciences, head of the Department of the center for education development strategy at MSU, the speakers were Ben Nelson, the founder and CEO of Minerva; Asylbek Kozhakhmetov, President of Almaty Management University, Vice President of the international management Association CEEMAN; Keith Stevenson, first Vice-rector, Professor, Vice-rector for research work of Skoltech; Robert Urazov, CEO of the Union "Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia)", Vasily Tretyakov, CEO of the University 20.35.

The heads of traditional universities and new format universities discussed what determines the success of students and how a University can really influence it, who and how should form the students' understanding of conscious attitude to their development trajectory and what are the ways to help them make the right decisions to achieve the goal, how an effective educational environment should look like to achieve these goals, whether it should be concentrated only at a University.

As a result of the open discussion, a round table was held at our University, during which participants expressed their vision in solving issues within the framework of the stated topic.


On the Russian Press Day the Chuvash State University Honored Future Employees of the Media Sphere

Monday, 13.01.20

130120 8

On January 13, the department of journalism of the Chuvash State University celebrated the Russian Press Day in a special way - young correspondents-schoolchildren, school teachers and students-journalists were honored.

The awards were given to the winners and prize-holders of school media competitions organized at the University, graduates of the thematic school "Testing the Pen", the video contest "Director for Oneself", the international festival of youth media, the All-Russian competition "Battle of Journalism Faculties", etc.

Young winners of creative competitions, conferences, festivals and teachers-mentors were warmly congratulated by the teachers of the journalism department, wished not to stop on the achieved, to constantly improve their professional skills, to master new information technologies. Young correspondents and heads of school circles of journalism thanked the University for the opportunity to show their creative abilities, for assistance in professional orientation.

The Winners of Contests for the Right to Receive Grants from the President of the Russian Federation Told about Their Research Plans

Friday, 10.01.20


On January 9, the rector of the University A. Yu. Aleksandrov met with the winners of All-Russian contests held in 2020 for the right to receive grants from the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists, candidates of science and doctors of science: Doctor of technical sciences, head of applied mechanics and graphics department at the faculty of engineering S. A. Vasiliev and a candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry department at chemistry and pharmacy faculty S. V. Fedoseyev.

The Rector A. Yu. Aleksandrov congratulated the young scientists with their high scientific achievements and wished them success in implementing innovative projects. It was noted that among the doctors of science, one of the 60 winners of the All-Russian contest was a scientist of the Chuvash State University S. A. Vasilyev. The achievement of the associate professor S. V.  Fedoseyev is also unique:  for the second time, he was awarded a grant from the President of the Russian Federation.

The grant holders told about their research projects and plans for the future. The discussion was also attended by the vice-rector for scientific work E. N. Kadyshev and the head of the research department N. V.  Russov.

University Volunteers Summed up the Results of the Year and Set New Tasks

Thursday, 09.01.20

The final meeting of the ChuvSU Volunteer center was held. It was noted that the volunteer movement is actively developing. At our University environmental, charitable, sports volunteering successfully operate, donation is well-developed, as well as promotion of healthy lifestyle, Victory volunteers and medical volunteers are active.

The head of extracurricular work and safety department O. N. Viktorov addressed the University volunteers. He noted the good work of the Volunteer center in all areas and set a new task - in the Year of memory and glory in Russia to strengthen the work of Victory volunteers and medical volunteers.

"What Do I Care…»

Saturday, 28.12.19

The 6th issue of a popular science magazine "Chuvashia: Territory of Innovations"  was published.

The issue summarizing the results of the year began to be distributed on December, 26. We remind that a joint project of the Chuvash State University and the newspaper "Soviet Chuvashia" during a year and a half has been covering the activities of the research community and research in the framework of the largest grants of Chuvashia.

Digital monitoring of structural deformations, bee biocommunication, import-substituting copper wire coating, study of compression stenosis of the ventral trunk and the ways to overcome infection resistance are the key research topics described in the latest issue of the journal. However, in an ordinary layman these complex formulations may cause the question "What do I care?", to which the publications respond.

"Today's science is not something abstract and far from ordinary people. We at the University are convinced that our activities should meet the needs of our fellow citizens who are far from scientific laboratories and grant competitions", the rector of I. N. Ulianov ChuvSU, Andrey Aleksandrov, informs in his welcome letter.

However, it is only science: the publication also tells about other significant events in the life of the youth in Chuvashia in recent months. They include  contest “Miss and Mr. Studentship of Russia-2019”, which was held in Chuvashia for the first time, an international career guidance session "ChuvGoogol", sports achievements of University students and dozens of grants won by them for social projects.


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